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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-eight : Healing power of love (part six)


(part six)

“It was in Jacob’s shop for about a year,” Nash said. He stepped inside the door. “So was that. And that …”

Nash pointed to the open stairwell and the banister. Teddy pointed up. There was a gorgeous wooden frame around the second floor.

“This is stunning,” Nadia said. She looked at Nash. “You say that Jacob did this?”

“Sam did that,” Nash said pointing to the row of round wooden tables set around the old receiving bays which now were large glass windows.

“Jake’s dad is a carpenter too,” Teddy said.

“I imagine that there was enough work for both of them,” Colin said.

“They have a team of guys too,” Nash said. “They’re from Mexico. Carpenters too.”

Nash looked down at the floor.

“He had a few of these beams in his workshop, too,” Nash said.

“Do you spend a lot of time in his workshop?” Nadia asked.

“Not really,” Nash said. “I like to watch him work. He’s really fast and well …”

Nash gestured around.

“He makes beautiful things,” Nadia said.

“Order out of chaos,” Teddy said. “At least that’s what he says.”

“We love this building,” Colin said. “It was designed by the Army Corps of Engineers and put together by Jake and a couple of his teams. There are these amazing little details that you can see, kind of, everywhere. It’s amazing.”

Nadia, Nash, and Teddy could do nothing but nod in agreement.

“Come on,” Colin said. “I’ll take you down.”

He went to the left elevator. Before they got on, he scanned his retina and punched in a code.

“If you’re thinking of hacking this,” Colin said, giving a strong look to Teddy and then Nash, “the code changes daily as do the biometric feature. Today, it’s retinas. Tomorrow, it will be something else.”

The elevator door opened and they got on.

“Like what?” Teddy asked.

“Is this a purely academic interest?” Colin asked with amusement.

“It was a long time ago that we hacked that satellite!” Teddy said.

“We didn’t know any better!” Nash said.

“You hacked a satellite?” Nadia asked.

Colin groaned and pressed the number 7 and the number 2 at the same time. They started to drop. Excited and more than a little nervous, they watched in silence as the numbers above the elevator door changed. They reached the floor and the door opened.

“You are entering a secure facility. Here is a locker for your items,” Colin said. “If you step through the door with them, they will be fried, even if they are shielded. Before you enter the floor, you’ll be scanned for metal and other noxious items.”

“Really?” Nadia asked.

“You are welcome to leave anything in your locker,” Colin said. “But enter the floor with it and it will be destroyed.”

“Good to know,” Nash said.

The boys emptied their pockets into lockers while Nadia put her purse inside. She also took off the USB drive that looked like a flower that she wore around her neck.

“Anything else?” Colin asked.

The boys patted themselves down while Nadia shook her head.

“Let’s go inside,” Colin said.

He stepped up to the door and pressed his hand against the reader. The door clicked open. They passed under an x-ray scanner and onto the Fey Team floor of the Factory.

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