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Chapter Five Hundred and six : The war within (part two)


(part two)

Deep inside the Marlowe Mine

“You’re sure,” Abi said, more as a statement than a question.

“It’s worth a try,” Jacob said.

Abi scowled. Jacob raised his eyebrows in challenge. Abi looked up at the ceiling of the Altar of Life chamber. They were standing near the closed entrance of the chamber. After a moment, she squinted and looked at Jacob again.

“And what does Gilfand say?” Jacob asked.

“Do something,” Abi said.

As if to say, “Go,” Jacob held out a hand to Abi.

“Áthas,” Abi said in an even voice.

A female fairy appeared. She wasn’t as tall as Fin or as dark as Queen Fand. She wore a large dress that made her look like a Disney Princess. Abi gave Jacob a hard look, and Jacob dropped to one knee.

“Mother,” Áthas said as an out breath.

With complete disregard for her royal outfit, Queen Áthas fell forward onto the ground in an act of deference to Abi.

“Shanti,” Abi said in the same even voice.

A dark skinned fairy wearing priceless robes in the style of the Indian Royalty of old. She looked at Abi for a moment, gave Jacob an intelligent look, before falling to the floor as her sister did.

Abi put her hands on the back of the two fairy Queens heads. Abi was the apex of love and compassion of the triangle of three figures. After a moment, Abi pulled back.

“Please,” Abi said. “We’ve called you on a matter of great importance.”

In a flash, the two fairy queens were standing upright. Their outfits showed no damage from their time on the rock floor. The only evidence of the last moment was a slight flush on the face of Queen Áthas. The fairy Queens turned to look at Jacob.

“This is my friend, Jacob Marlowe,” Abi said.

Jacob kept his eyes focused on the floor. He saw Queen Áthas’s and Queen Shanti’s feet move to him. He felt himself scanned from head to toe.

“He is the father of the young girl,” Queen Shanti said, in a thick South Asian accent

“He is a descendant of Gilfand,” Abi said.

“I’ve heard of you, Jacob Marlowe,” Queen Áthas said, in a nearly unintelligible Irish accent. “He’s married to a healer.”

“Lord Perses daughter,” Queen Shanti said.

“Is she really?” Queen Áthas said in such a way as to indicate that the idea was absurd. “I hadn’t heard that he had other children.”

“Three, I believe,” Queen Shanti said. “The actress, Valerie Lipson, is married to his eldest son.”

“Really?” Queen Áthas asked “I always like her.”

“She’s my sister,” Jacob said. “My wife is Lord … uh, I can’t say his name or he’ll appear.”

“Understood,” Queen Áthas said. “Your wife?”

“His youngest child,” Jacob said.

“And where is she?” Queen Shanti asked.

“Yes, where is your wife?” Queen Áthas asked.

The fairy Queens turned their eyes on Jacob to scrutinize his words and actions.

“She needed time to work on school,” Jacob said. “She sent me to help Abi.”

He cleared his throat. The air in the room was dense with something Jacob couldn’t define.

“He speaks the truth,” Abi said after a moment.

Jacob saw a brown hand in front of him.

“Please,” Queen Shanti said.

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