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Chapter Five Hundred and six : The war within (part one)


(part one)

“I was sorry to hear about Chet,” Ares said. “The war within …”

“ … is oft not won, no matter the courage of the one who fights it,” Hedone finished his often stated opinion.

Ares hugged her tight and letting her go. For a moment, she looked at him. His curly light brown hair was long and his blue eyes bright. Like all of the elder Gods, his skin was darker than Hedone’s, more black than her light brown. He was ridiculously handsome — tall, strong, fit from an immortal life of exercise. He was brilliant. He’d spent his immortality working, learning, thinking, and growing.

Hedone was his favorite. He simply loved her more than all of his children and grandchildren. He grinned at her.

“And this Tres?” Ares asked the question. He scanned Hedone’s embarrassment and kissed her cheek. “Yet to be uncovered. I do love a human lover.”

Hedone gave an embarrassed nod. Her grandfather loved every kind of lovers.

“I hear from your father every once in a while,” Ares said. He put his hand on Hedone’s arm to usher her into the room. He repeated what he often said, “Eros is my son, and I do love him, but, damn, he is such an asshole.”

Ares laughed at his joke. Hedone saw Athena cover her smirk by looking down. Perses shifted from the wall. Ares gestured to Perses.

“Lord Perses is here to discuss the war between the Fairy Queendoms,” Ares said. He raised an eyebrow in challenge and asked, “Are you here for this purpose as well?”

“I’d like to be a part of the discussion,” Hedone said.

Ares’s mouth lifted briefly in a smile. He looked down to suppress his delight in her participation.

“I am the Goddess of Love,” Hedone said, firmly. “It’s important to look at love when we are discussing about war.”

“Very true,” Ares said. He beamed at the Gods in the room and crowed with pride, “My granddaughter is the Goddess of Love now.”

Hedone rolled her eyes to her friends Apollo and Artemis. They got up in unison and came to hug her in greeting. The God of Light and the Goddess of the Hunt set Hedone up with a drink and a plate of amazing food before slumping back on the couch. Hedone sat down next to Artemis. The Goddess took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“It’s always good to have you here,” Apollo said in response to his twin’s action.

Hedone blushed at their attentions, and the twins laughed. Apollo returned to throwing the apple in the air. Hera came in from the garden and Orion was not far behind. Orion’s presence took the twins attention away from Hedone. Orion plopped down next to Apollo, snatched the apple out of the air, and took a bite. The twins laughed.

Hera caught Hedone’s eye and winked in “Hello.” Hera had been her friend for as long as Hedone could remember.

“Good, we’re all here,” Ares said. “Let’s begin our discussion on the merits of Fairy Queendoms going to war.”

As so many times before, high above the world in Olympus, the Gods and Goddess’s argued over the merits of world war they would never actually fight in. Decisions made in this lovely home far away from the battle would determine the fate of thousands of fairies and possibly the world itself. Hedone swallowed down an inch of Ares’ private reserve whiskey and gave a pitch for peace over war.

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