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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy : View of the stars (part five)


(part five)

Sunday morning — 6:21 a.m.

When the apartment door closed, Tanesha rolled onto her side. She squinted at the clock and then got up. She wandered into the bathroom.

Since they’d lived in the Castle, Jeraine took Jabari so that Tanesha could have time on Sunday morning to herself. Initially, the idea was that Jeraine would have time some alone time with Jabari. But living at the Castle, Jeraine had bragged to Jacob, Blane, and Aden about being such a great husband for creating this space for Tanesha. Sure enough, the other men refused to be left behind. Soon, the men and their younger children joined him in these early morning adventures. When MJ found out, he refused to be outdone by the other husbands. Mike followed suit as soon as he saw the men leaving together with their kids.

Her girlfriends, including Honey and Valerie, each had quiet Sunday mornings now. Of course, that wasn’t as true for Sandy now, but Aden would get on the ball soon enough.

Tanesha liked to spend the time reading the goodies and extras in the weekend New York Times and the LA Times over a few pots of tea and something yummy. She peered into her freezer to see what she had this week.

It had been Heather’s turn. Heather had promised to ask her grandfather’s cook to make them something out of the honey from Ares’ hives. This thing had sat in Tanesha’s freezer for the last few days. Smiling, she took the treat out of the freezer. She filled and turned on the electric kettle.

There was a knock on the door. That was Jacob psychokineticly sending her newspapers from the front of the house to outside their apartment door. She waited a moment and then opened the door.

There was no one in the hall.

She tossed the newspapers on the couch and went to make her tea. Jeraine had cleaned her tea pot and filled it with fresh tea. Smiling, she made a mental note to thank him for helping her quiet time. She filled the pot with water and carried it to the couch.

She sat down in the glorious middle of the couch.

The room was completely silent.

She opened the New York Times. The top story was some other chaos created by the chief nonsense maker.

“Tsk,” Tanesha said.

She flopped the paper over so she could see below the fold and sucked in a breath.

The headline read: “Casino owner found dead late last night.”

There was a picture of the casino owner who’d refused to release Jeraine from that ridiculous contract. The article’s second paragraph mentioned Jeraine and the threatened boycott of Las Vegas.

Her mind ran circles around the news. Just because this man was dead didn’t mean that the contract would be voided.

“Shit,” Tanesha whispered.

It meant that the entire Vegas thing was a big mess.

Her life had just become a lot more complicated. She tossed down the paper and went to get her phone. She needed to check Black Twitter to see what this was about. It took her a moment to log in.

Black Twitter was abuzz about the death of this man. Jeraine and his friends had enlisted the prominent African-American thought leaders on Twitter to help promote his threatened boycott of Las Vegas.

Everyone had an opinion about this billionaire’s death.

Some said he’d died because of the pressure he felt from the boycott. Some white nationalist said that Jeraine “murdered” this man.

“As if,” Tanesha said.

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