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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-two : When Nazis are the least of your problems (part three)


(part three)

“I will protect you,” Alex said.

“That may be true, but why should you have to?” Raz asked.

“Where there’s that,” Alex said with a sigh.

“They chose to come on this trip,” Raz said. “They aren’t here because it’s their team. They are here by choice. They need to tell us what they know.”

“They get up now,” Alex said with a nod.

There was a tap on the kitchen door. Raz turned to see Pierre Semaines standing outside the door.

“I apologize,” Pierre said in French. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop I was just …”

“It’s okay,” Alex replied in French.

Pierre heard her words and looked puzzled. It took him a moment to realize that he’d spoken in French. He looked at Raz, who was looking at Alex.

“We can take you to your room,” Alex said, continuing in French. “We just have to …”

“Wake Patrick and Bernie,” Pierre said with a nod. “Yes, that is what I heard. I’m afraid that I need to be a part of that conversation.”

Alex and Raz became very still as they turned to look at him.

“We are three parts to one puzzle,” Pierre said. “I hold a piece. They each hold a piece.”

When neither Alex nor Raz said anything, Pierre nodded.

“I doubt they know that,” Pierre said. “But my guess is that they do know that their information will bring about peril to everyone. That is likely why they are here.”

“And Seth?” Raz asked.

“Seth O’Malley knows things. No one knows if he’s psychic or if Delphie keeps him informed,” Pierre said with a shrug. “He knows an incredible number of people who know to call with information. That’s just as likely as anything else. There are stories about him and Mitch from Vietnam.”

“And you know those because …” Alex said, mildly.

“Michael Scully used to talk about him,” Pierre said with a nod.

“MJ’s father,” Alex said to Raz. “They lived next door to each other before …”

Raz nodded. He smiled at her attempt at not saying, “Everyone died.”

“It is also likely that he knows his father has some information,” Pierre said. “He’s here to keep an eye on Bernie.”

“Let’s get them up,” Alex said.

Raz nodded in agreement.

“Sir, why don’t we move you to the living room?” Raz asked.

Raz picked up Pierre’s bag and indicated for Pierre to move through the kitchen. Raz caught Alex’s eye as he led Pierre into the living room. She smiled her thanks, and he nodded.

She took the back stairs up to the second floor of the house. She tapped on the door where Leena and Vince were staying. Leena answered the door.

“Can you wake Vince?” Alex asked.

“Has something happened?” Leena asked.

“We need some information from my father and Bernie,” Alex said.

“Good,” Leena said. “Can I help?”

“I need to wake everyone,” Alex said.

“I’ll get Vince and the rest of the team,” Leena said.

“I’ll focus on the old guys,” Alex said.

“Deal,” Leena said with a wide smile.

Alex gave her a quick nod and went to wake her father.

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