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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-two : When Nazis are the least of your problems (part five)


(part five)

“Okay,” Jeraine said. “Do you think we’ll iron this out?”

“I do,” Tanesha said.

She kissedhim.

“Now, you’ll talk to Jeanie,” Tanesha said. “And then you and Jammy will go talk to Jammy’s friend and everything will get started.”

She put her hands on his shoulders.

“You should be happy,” Tanesha said. “Things are working out.”

“That’s what worries me,” Jeraine said.

“What do you mean?” Tanesha asked.

“When do things work out for me?” Jeraine asked.

Tanesha gave him a sideways look. She pointedly looked around the room.

He gave an embarrassed laugh.

“I get your point,” Jeraine said. “But that’s really about you. I hang on to you and things work out.”

He pulled her close.

“You’re my lucky charm,” he said.

She kissed him and then opened the door to their apartment. They walked hand in hand up the stairs to the main Castle living room where Jabari was playing with his friends.

“Bye-bye, Daddy!” said Jabari as he ran to Jeraine.

Jeraine picked up the child. They held each other close. Jabari kissed his father on the lips, and Jeraine put him down.

“Come home soon!” Jabari said.

“I will, son,” Jeraine said.

Tanesha held out her hand, and Jabari took it. They walked Jeraine to the door. He nodded to Tanesha. She gave him a soft smile before he headed out into the world. While they watched, he walked across the driveway, through the gate, and out to the street where he got into a cab.

Tanesha and Jabari waved to him, and he waved back. The cab drove away.

Jabari ran back to his friends when Tanesha shut the side door. Heather walked over to Tanesha.

“How are you?” Heather asked.

“Worried,” Tanesha said. “He seems so out of it today.”

“Just a lot to deal with,” Heather said.

Tanesha nodded. They walked together toward the stairs to the basement.

“I should study,” Tanesha said.

Heather nodded. Tanesha jogged down the stairs and back to their little apartment. When the door closed, she sighed.

It wasn’t easy to build a life here while her heart was on the road to Las Vegas.

She didn’t have time to deal with that. Nodding to herself, she forced herself to open her books and start studying.

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