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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-three : Old problems (part two)


(part two)

“And this detonator?” Alex asked.

“The Nazi’s were said to have created a specific kind of detonator,” Pierre said. “The mechanism was more efficient and stable. The allies looked for it but were unable to ever retrieve it.”

Pierre looked at Bernie.

“This was your project?” Pierre asked Bernie.

The elderly man nodded.

“The Nazi nuclear program was in this area of Poland,” Bernie said. “The bomb they created was just a bomb. It was the detonator that was valuable.”

Is valuable,” Patrick said. He sighed and the angry bull of a General façade dropped. “I apologize. I’ve been an ass.”

“Yes, you have,” Ben said with a laugh.

Patrick acknowledged his comment with a nod.

“When I was a Green Beret, this man was the spy in my ointment,” Patrick said gesturing to Bernie.

“That was you?” Alex asked with a laugh.

Bernie nodded.

“I used to tell my children that they needed to be as smart and knowledgeable as you were,” Patrick said. “The amount of information that man knows would blow your mind. In retrospect, it was a real opportunity to work with but not so great when you’re a young beret trying to prove yourself.”

Patrick nodded.

“I came on this trip to see if we could find the detonator as well,” Patrick said. “Ben?”

“I came to keep an eye on you two,” Ben said. “But I want to know what Pierre Semaines knows about this detonator.”

“Me?” Pierre asked.

He seemed genuinely surprised.

“You did fill in the details,” Ben said.

Pierre nodded.

“My family belongs to a secret society,” Pierre said.

“He’s a Templar,” Ben said.

“Weapons Master,” Pierre said. “That’s the role my family played before the order was formed and after the order was officially disbanned. I know how to use and operate nearly every weapon ever created by humankind.”

Pierre nodded.

“Your connection to the detonator?” Seth asked.

“I know how to operate it,” Pierre said.

“So it is real!” Bernie said.

“It’s real,” Pierre said. “And it’s said to have been stolen by a Jewish lab assistant and tucked away in Southern Polish countryside.”

No one said anything for a long moment.

“How many people know this information?” Raz asked.

“At least the five of us,” Pierre said. “My sister. She is the official weapons master for our order.”

“What are you?” Raz asked.

“To my great surprise, I am actually the head of the order now,” Pierre said. “In the place of my son.”

“Wait,” Leena said. “The Templars are a real thing?”

“Yes,” Pierre said.

“So is interest in this detonator,” Patrick said.

“Why?” Sergeant Dusty, Alex’s assistant, asked. “Why would anyone care about a fifty-year-old … whatever it is?”

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