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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-three : Old problems (part three)


(part three)

Why?” Sergeant Dusty, Alex’s assistant, asked. “Why would anyone care about a fifty-year-old … whatever it is?”

“Three reasons,” Pierre said. “The first is just to get their hands on the technology.”

“But you said you know how to operate it,” Sergeant Dusty said. “That implies that you’ve studied the design and instructions.”

“Through his secret society that no one knows still exists,” Bernie said. “No one’s seen this detonator for … a very long time. I spent years of my life looking for it. If it’s found now, it would sell to the highest bidder for millions.”

“At least a billion,” Patrick said. He looked at Pierre. “What are your other two reasons?”

“The detonator can operate any bomb,” Pierre said. “You could replicate it and attach it to anything. That’s not to mention if you were North Korea or somewhere else without their own nuclear arsenal.”

Thinking about what he said, they fell silent again.

“And the third?” Patrick asked.

“It’s Nazi shit,” Pierre said. “There are more than a few people in this region alone who would kill for something that was actually made by Nazis.”

“We assumed that we’d have to deal with these folks anyway,” Alex said.

“Right,” Pierre said. “But imagine — this is a part of the Nazi military machine. It could have turned the tide in the war. We could be sitting in Nazi Germany right now if …”

“Someone hadn’t stolen the detonator,” Bernie said.

He nodded. Patrick turned to look at him before nodding himself.

“Do we expect visitors?” Seth asked.

“We have,” Alex said. She waited until everyone turned to look at her. “Does this change anything for anyone?”

“Anyone wish to decline this mission now?” Vince asked.

Every member of the Fey Team shook their heads.

“Good,” Vince said at the same time Alex said, “Thank you.”

Everyone was visibly relieved.

“There’s one more thing,” Alex said. “I need to know — is there anything else you can think of?”

She nodded to Bernie, Patrick, Ben, Pierre, and Seth in turn.

“If this is the kind of thing that is in this tunnel, we could expect to find almost anything,” Bernie said.

“Holy Grail,” Patrick said with a nod.

“100,000 missing pieces of art,” Ben said.

“Anything,” Pierre said. “Without getting all comic book on you, there are objects in this world that have tremendous power in their own right. They were collected by the Nazis.”

“No one knows where they ended up,” Bernie said with a nod.

“We’re prepared for anything,” Alex said. “We just weren’t prepared for old secrets to come and bite us in the ass.”

No one said for a long moment.

“What about the Nazi’s nuclear research?” Pierre asked.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“It was stolen with the detonator,” Pierre said. He gave a small smile. “Surprise?”

“That would go under ‘anything else’!” Alex said.

Pierre had the decency of looking a little embarrassed.

“Anything else?” Vince asked.

He looked at Pierre who shook his head. When he looked at Bernie, the elderly man was asleep. Seth shook his head as did Ben.

“No,” Patrick said.

“We’ll expect some Nazi crap and a whole bunch of nuts,” Vince said. “Ready?”

“Ready,” the team responded.

Shaking his head, Vince dismissed everyone until 0800 hours.

Denver Cereal continues tomorrow…

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