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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-three : Old problems (part six)


(part six)

Jammy smiled.

“Why did you wake me?” Jeraine asked, feeling the edge of his headache returning.

“We need to talk about tomorrow,” Jammy said.

“We go see Jeanie and then go to the other casino,” Jeraine repeated what Tanesha had made him memorize.

“That’s what I thought as well,” Jammy said. “The casino lawyers have sued Jeanie for control of the corporation.”

“Can they do that?” Jeraine asked.

“Sure,” Jammy said. “The casino has a lot of good lawyers. Jeanie went out and hired the best firm in Las Vegas. They’ve filed to dismiss these ‘frivolous’ lawsuits based on the will.”

“What does the will say?” Jeraine asked.

“It gives control of the corporation to her,” Jammy said. “It was actually a part of their prenuptial. She was the CEO of his corporation before they married. He said that he married her because of her great looks and good brain for business.”

“How long have they been married?” Jeraine asked.

“Good question,” Jammy said. “Twelve years. So over the ten year mark. The prenup stands. The other lawyers don’t have a case.”

“What do we do?” Jeraine asked. “Aren’t I trapped in place by these white people and their lawyers?”

“If you wish to be,” Jammy said.

“What do you mean?” Jeraine asked.

“We can just move forward,” Jammy said. “Build a show at the other casino. Worst case, we have to move it back to the original casino. But we can likely stall that.”

“I don’t want to work for a year or more to build something that will just go on the shelf!” Jeraine said.

“That’s not going to happen,” Hecate said.

Jeraine turned to look at her. He knew better than to ask how she knew that. He turned back to Jammy.

“What are we doing tomorrow, then?” Jeraine asked.

“Breakfast with Jeanie,” Jammy said. “A very public breakfast, I might add. Her best defense is to continue to act as if what she’s doing is what her husband wanted.”

“Is it not?” Hecate asked.

“There’s no real way to know,” Jammy said. “The company’s lawyers say that he was getting ready to change his will, divorce this wife, but there’s no other evidence of that.”

Hecate snapped her finger.

“What was that?” Jeraine asked at the same moment Jammy said, “What did you do?”

“Documents get lost all the time,” Hecate said. She shrugged. “Plus, it’s my opinion that her husband would want her in control. He just wouldn’t have expected her first action to be cleaning this up for you.”

The men looked at Hecate. Neither one dared asking is she had made that happen. She gave them a veiled smile.

“So tomorrow?” Jeraine asked with a laugh.

“Breakfast with Jeanie,” Jammy said. “Then we head to the other casino. Jeanie’s asked to come along. I don’t see why not. It’s my opinion that our best bet is to keep her in the loop until this court stuff is worked out.”

Jeraine nodded.

“It will be a full day,” Jammy said. “Are you up to it?”

“I just need to sleep,” Jeraine said.

“Off you go then,” Jammy said.

Jeraine got up from his seat. He was almost out of the room when he saw Hecate disappear, and Jammy turn his attention back to the novel. He felt oddly safe and protected. Taking the time to change, he finally climbed into bed where he fell into a sound sleep.

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