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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-three : Old problems (part one)


(part one)

“Now out with it,” Alex said.

Patrick Hargreaves gave her a mildly irritated look. Ben and Seth nodded in agreement. But, to her surprise, Bernie was chuckling to himself.

“What?” Alex asked.

“You are very much like your grandmother,” Bernie said with a laugh. “That is something she would have said.”

Alex groaned. He raised his hand.

“You are right,” Bernie said. “Let’s clear the air. Lives are on the line.”

Everyone fell silent as their attention turned to the elderly man.

“You have heard about the Nazi’s nuclear program?” Bernie asked.

Everyone began speaking at once. Patrick started swearing at Bernie. The Fey Team recoiled in their seats. Ben was shaking his head and talking at the same time. Alex crossed her arms in irritation. Raz got up to stand at her side. Seth was watching Pierre who was sitting, drinking coffee, just out of the fray.

“Settle down,” Vince said.

“I’m not going anywhere near some fifty-year-old nuclear …” Matthew said.

“That is some bullshit,” Royce said.

“Be that as it may,” Alex said. “We need to hear him out.”

Everyone fell silent again. They turned their attention to Bernie.

“Please continue,” Alex said.

“I understand why you are upset,” Bernie said. “It’s understandable.”

“Bernie,” Seth said. He put his hand on Bernie’s leg. “What did you mean about the Nazi’s nuclear program?”

“Oh, right,” Bernie said. He looked up at the younger people. “I get distracted sometimes.”

“The Nazi’s had a nuclear program,” Patrick said. “We were able to retrieve their efforts at making a bomb as well as their nuclear material. Many of those scientists went into the Paperclip program.”

“We know all about those assholes,” Alex said.

The team nodded.

“So we’re not going into some leaking uranium situation,” Royce asked.

“No,” Bernie said. “I apologize. The allies were able to retrieve everything except …”

“Oh my God,” Pierre said from the sidelines.

Every eye turned to Pierre.

“Pierre, I didn’t see you there!” Bernie said.

“You’re here to get the detonator,” Pierre said.

“Thank you,” Bernie said. “Yes. I became interested in this trip and that journal because I thought I might find the detonator.”

The two men looked at each other for a long moment.

“Not to break up the love here,” Alex said. “But what are we talking about?”

Pierre looked at Alex for a moment before nodding.

“As he said, the allies took apart the Nazi nuclear program,” Pierre said. “Many of the scientists involved immigrated to the United States.”

“And this detonator?” Alex asked.

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