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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-three : Old problems (part five)


(part five)

“Miss T …” Jeraine looked at Hecate. Just by looking at her, the truth bubbled to the surface inside of him. “No, you’re right. It’s me. Abi used to offer. I just …”

Jeraine sighed.

“I’m afraid that I’ll forget,” Jeraine said. “And slip back into the old ways. It nearly killed me. Destroyed my entire life. I hurt Tanesha so badly that … I was out living the high life and she was selling her eggs to pay for her mother’s medical treatment. That’s not to mention her working four jobs to pay her grandmother’s mortgage while I’m snorting more money that every single night. That’s not accounting for the humiliation I caused her, still cause her. No. I deserve to suffer.”

Jeraine shook his head.

“Well, that should help for now,” Hecate said.

He was surprised to find that he actually felt better. His second surprise was to realize that he was still wearing his clothing from his plane trip.

“James Schmidt is in the other room,” Hecate said. “He asked if I would wake you.”

He got up from the bed. With Hecate’s hand on his arm, he managed to walk upright to the living area of this apartment. Jammy was sitting in a chair reading on his eBook reader.

“What are you reading?” Jeraine asked

“Cozy mystery,” James “Jammy” Schmidt Jr. said. “I got hooked on this series set in Cherringham, England. Good stuff.”

Jeraine nodded. He came around and sat on the couch. Hecate sat next to him.

“I need some water,” Jeraine said.

Hecate held out a glass of water for him.

“Thanks,” Jeraine said. “I think. You know I read something that said that you were evil. And a witch.”

“Me?” Hecate asked.

“Insecure little men believe that powerful women are evil witches,” Jammy said with a nod. “It’s pathetic really. I love my powerful wife.”

His eyes flicked to Hecate.

“She’s not a witch or anything,” Jammy said.

“Seth O’Malley’s daughter?” Hecate asked.

Jammy gave a nod, but Hecate didn’t say anything else. He looked at Hecate, and she shrugged.

“Would you like her to be?” Hecate asked finally.

“If she wants,” Jammy said.

Hecate gave a quick nod.

“She comes from powerful parents,” Hecate said. “It’s likely that she’ll come into her power as she ages.”

Hecate gave Jammy a long look.

“She’s a good match for you,” Hecate said.

“I’ve loved her since we were children,” Jammy said. “I don’t care what she is or will become. I just want to be by her side for the rest of my life.”

His sincerity made both Hecate and Jeraine smile.

“So it is,” Hecate said.

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