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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-six : The root cellar (part six)


(part six)

Alex took a handkerchief from her pocket. She wiped her face and blew her nose. She looked up to see Seth and Vince doing the same thing. Alex put her hand on Vince’s arm.

“Can you send these images to the cloud?” Alex asked. “In case we can’t keep possession of the camera.”

“Already done,” Vince said with a nod. “I used your satellite codes.”

“That’s why I shared the codes,” Alex said.

They heard someone shout and some amount of shuffling above them.

“We need to keep moving,” Seth said.

Vince and Alex nodded. Seth moved to the next tunnel.

“From here out, we need to consider each area to be booby trapped,” Seth said. “Every. Area. Use extreme caution.”

“Yes, sir,” Alex and Vince said in unison.

“There is only one way to bring justice to these children,” Seth said.

“Bring their deaths to the attention of authorities,” Alex said.

“Yes,” Seth said. “And get into that salt tunnel. Someone went to great lengths to hide something there. It’s up to us to bring all of this to the light.”

Alex gave him a curt nod. Vince was looking at the floor.

“Vince?” Seth asked.

“Yes, sir,” Vince said. “I’m just … my youngest is this age.”

Seth nodded.

“Let’s make it matter,” Seth said. “Ready?”

“Ready,” Alex and Vince said reflexively.

The entrance to the passageway was a few feet off the ground. Seth boosted himself into the tunnel. He peered down the passageway and turned back.

“Do we have lights?” Seth asked. “It’s dark.”

Alex nodded. She took three head lamps out of her back pack. She gave one to Seth and another to Vince. They attached the lamps to the clip on the front of their helmet. Seth gave them a nod and went into the next passage. Vince went in next. As soon as Vince’s feet were inside the passage, Alex followed.

This section of tunnel was long and the going slow. They belly crawled through the square passage. There were small shafts for air flow every six feet or so. Whoever built this passageway had made provisions for the possibility that someone would come down here.

Alex swallowed hard and wondered if they would find more bodies. They continued their silent journey through the small passageway. Alex felt Vince slow and then stop.

“Room,” Vince passed the information to Alex. “He thinks there’s a trigger plate at the entrance.”

“Roger that,” Alex said.

She rested her forehead on the passageway for a moment.

“I didn’t see anything. Do you?” Vince asked. “Any button or off switch?”

“Not here, but …” Alex said. “I think I saw something behind us.”

There wasn’t space for Alex to turn over or around. Instead, she started the even slower journey back twenty feet to where she thought she’d see something that might be an off switch.

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