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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-six : The root cellar (part four)


(part four)

“I don’t want you to think …” Margaret said.

“We make no judgement, Sergeant,” Vince said. “You are a valued member of our team. Period.”

“Thank you, sir,” Margaret said, visibly relieved.

“I need you to keep an eye on us as we go through these tunnels,” Alex said. “They are clearly booby trapped. You may notice them before we deal with them.”

“Do I get my own drone?” Margaret asked.

“I have another,” Troy said with a nod.

Troy helped her set up the drone and together they sent it into the vegetable cellar.

“We don’t know what we’re heading into,” Alex said. “I need all of you to stay on your guard. We may need you to drag us out. We may need to save your lives. Either way, we must consider ourselves to be under attack. Be awake. Be aware.”

Alex gave a curt nod.

“If we’re reading this paper correctly, our Polish representative may show up with a bevy of his own people,” Alex said. “Be careful.”

“You too,” Raz said. “No amount of treasure is worth dying for.”

Alex gave him a soft smile. They hugged. Raz went down into the root cellar to start moving things to make space for them.

“Helmets?” Alex asked.

She, Vince, and Seth put on Kevlar caving helmets. The team helped them into gloves.

“Before we go any further,” Seth said in a low whisper. “There are a few things.”

Alex and Vince nodded their go ahead. The team came around to listen.

“First, there’s always an off switch. Always,” Seth said. “Those kids got lived in these tunnels. There has to be a way to do that without being injured. That means that there’s an off switch to every booby trap. Look for it. In this situation, my guess is that it’s set up in various stages or rooms. There should be an off switch at each segment. We need to look for those first.”

“Roger that,” Alex and Vince said.

“We’ll look for them, too,” Troy said.

“Good,” Seth said. “Going underground is unnatural for human beings but not unheard of. We have senses that we don’t use on the surface. Some of you are experienced divers; you likely have some idea of what I’m talking about.”

Seth gave a nod.

“Specifically, you can smell more than you think,” Seth said. “You have a sense of the motion of air or the non-motion of air. You can sense things long before you see them. Trust that. Don’t hesitate to slow down or turn around just because of a feeling. Those feelings are ancient sensory capacities that aren’t used on the surface.”

“Roger that,” Alex and Vince said.

“Use care,” Seth said. “With yourself and with others. Trust nothing. These tunnels were set up by someone who knew the Nazis and their brutality. We may feel some of it today.”

“Yes, sir,” Alex said. Vince gave a nod.

“Time to go,” Seth said. “Ready?”

“Ready,” Alex and Vince said.

“Ear buds?” Matthew asked. He held one out to Seth. “They are a part of our usual wear.”

Seth gave him a nod and stuck the ear bud in his ear.

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