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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-seven : Tunnels and trick (part two)


(part two)

“German soldiers,” Seth said. “Can you take photos?”

“Why should we care?” Vince asked. “A dead Nazi is a good Nazi.”

“While that may be true, even Nazi’s have mothers and children,” Seth said. “Someone has been waiting a very long time for these men to come home. Imagine if this were you? Or someone you loved? Because, in terms of the human family, this is someone in your family.”

Vince gave him an unsure look.

“I’ve spent time with your father,” Seth said. “You can’t honestly tell me you don’t have scumbags of questionable intelligence and morality in your family.”

“You know my father?” Vince asked.

“And mother,” Seth said. “And that brutal older brother of yours.”

“Sir,” Vince said and began digging around in his backpack. When he looked up, he squinted at Seth, “How …?”

“I’m Catholic?” Seth shrugged.

“I thought you were Jewish,” Vince said. He pulled out the camera.

“So does my father,” Seth said. “My step-father was Catholic. Which means that my brothers and I were raised Catholic. My daughter, Sandy, is Catholic. Lizzie is Jewish, now, but she was Catholic before she married Jammy. Julie Ann is a Marine so …”

“A Marine, sir?” Vince asked.

“That’s short hand for I don’t know,” Seth said. “It may surprise you but I am not the world’s best father.”

Thinking that Seth was a lot better than his own father, Vince gave him a vague nod.

“You met my father at …” Vince said.

“Vince?” Alex asked. “What is it?”

“I thought everyone thought my father was awesome,” Vince said.

“I never have,” Seth said. “He was cruel, brutal, at best. I thought he was horrible to you, in particular. I was sent away to school when I was young. I argued with your parents about it, but they couldn’t be swayed. How can you be an ‘every life is precious’ Catholic and send your son away for getting his girlfriend pregnant? Just pathetic.”

Vince gave Seth a nod and went to take the pictures of the men. Seth looked up at Alex.

“Can you help me?” Seth asked.

“Of course,” Alex said.

“When he’s done, let’s see if we can find some identification,” Seth said. “That means that we’ll have to go in their pockets. Are you okay with that?”

“Kind of gross, but I agree with you,” Alex said. “Everyone deserves to come home.”

“Yes, I thought you did.” Seth gave her a curt nod.

“Can you take video, Vince?” Alex asked. “You have a lot of practice with it.”

“Of course,” Vince said with a grin. “My daughter is a world class soccer player. Plays for the American team.”

“Amelia is a wonderful girl,” Seth said. “Before you ask, I know Lamberton. And, as point of reference, I was officially always on ‘Team Vince.’”

Vince’s face broke into a rare, wide smile.

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