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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-seven : Tunnels and trick (part four)


(part four)

“Yes, sir,” Alex and Vince said together.

Alex looked up at Troy’s drone.

“Can you send the drone in to see what we’re dealing with?” Alex asked the drone.

“Roger that,” Troy said.

Looking at Seth, Alex said, “We can see what the drone finds.”

“Good thinking,” Seth said.

The tennis ball shaped drone zoomed down the tunnel. Vince took out his water bottle and passed it to Seth. Seth raised his hand that he didn’t need any. Vince took a long drink and put it back into his pack.

“Looks like nothing,” Troy’s voice said in their ears. “No catch, no stop, nothing. And the room is empty.”

“That only means that we need to be very careful,” Seth said. “Troy, what’s the floor look like?”

“I’ll scan it,” Troy said. “Give me a minute.”

They waited for what felt like a long moment before Troy said.

“Good catch,” Troy said. “The floor is weak. Looks like it’s fallen through before.”

“Is there any way around it?” Seth asked.

“There’s a ledge around the outside of the room,” Troy said. “It’s narrow, just a couple of inches, so you’ll have to climb.”

Seth turned to Vince and Alex.

“Did we pack rope?” Seth asked.

“Climbing rope,” Alex said. “I have a small compound bow in my pack. I can make a rope arm rail for us.”

She looked at Vince.

“Doable?” Alex asked.

Vince nodded. Alex looked at Seth.

“Let’s get to it,” Seth said. “You go first.”

Alex smiled. She took a micro-compound bow from her pack and a quiver of arrows. She tied the arrows to her arm and the bow to the outside of her pack. She gave Seth a nod and started into the tunnel. It was as long as the others. Tired, they were moving slowly.

Alex reached the end of the tunnel. She could see the salt tunnel through the exit to this room, which was nearly opposite to this tunnel. It was easy to see why people would just hop out of one tunnel and fall to their death.

Alex tied her rope to the end of the bow and shot it to her left about waist high above the ledge. The arrow hit the wall and went in deep. She cut the end of the rope and tied it to a peg which she jammed into the edge of the tunnel.

“I’ll go first,” Alex said. “Make another support. We should go one at a time. The walls are soft, so be sure not to put your whole weight on the rope.”

She climbed out of the tunnel. Making sure not to touch the bottom of the room. Using the rope for support, she shuffled side to side along on small ledge. Once near the corner, she made another rope support for the wall. She tied it off on the arrow she’d shot. Without ceremony, she started along the side wall. Once she’d made the corner, she shot an arrow to the long side of this room. Again, the arrow stuck in deep in the soft wall.

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