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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-seven : Tunnels and trick (part five)


(part five)

“I’ll go first,” Alex said. “Make another support. We should go one at a time. The walls are soft, so be sure not to put your whole weight on the rope.”

She climbed out of the tunnel. Making sure not to touch the bottom of the room. Using the rope for support, she shuffled side to side along on small ledge. Once near the corner, she made another rope support for the wall. She tied it off on the arrow she’d shot. Without ceremony, she started along the side wall. Once she’d made the corner, she shot an arrow to the long side of this room. Again, the arrow stuck in deep in the soft wall.

Alex climbed along the far wall to the exit tunnel. She entered the tunnel face first.

“This is it,” Alex said, her voice rose with excitement. “The salt tunnel is big and full of all kinds of stuff. I can see the door to the main tunnel. We should be able to open it so the others can come through.”

“We’ll have to look for booby traps,” Seth said.

“Of course,” Alex said. “But there is a piano right here near the door. You can play while Vince and I get impailed.

“Awesome,” Seth said with a grin. “Can’t wait to play.”

Vince gave a quick cheer.

“Go ahead,” Alex said.

Seth started around the room. He easily made it to Alex. Vince stepped out onto the ledge and the rope began to pull from the wall.

Alex was tall, but not a very heavy.

Seth was not a very big person.

Vince was muscular and strong. Nearly cut in two by an underwater explosion, Vince’s body was now made up of metal and muscle. He shuffled along the first wall.

Vince had just made the corner when the rope pulled free from the first wall. In a breath, it pulled free from the second arrow. Vince began to fall. There was a collective gasp over their ear bud communicators.

Alex lurched out into the gap. She managed to catch his hand.

“Alex!” Vince screamed.

The floor below him collapsed.

“Don’t let go!” Alex said.

To her surprise, Seth jumped from the entrance to the salt tunnel. He swung in the air for a moment before falling in Vince’s direction. Seth managed to pass Vince a rope before swinging toward the wall.

“Oof,” Seth said as he hit the wall hard.

Alex looked back to see that Seth had tied two ropes around the piano. He was on one and the other was for Vince. She managed to grab Vince’s other wrist. His hand automatically went around her wrist.

“Let go of my hand!” Alex said. “Tie it on you.”

“Don’t let go!” Vince said. “Don’t you dare let go.”

“Tie the rope on!” Alex screamed. “We’ll pull you up!”

“Sir, he’s panicking,” Leena said. “Blanking out.”

Vince’s eyes flicked down.

“Vince!” Alex said. “Look at me. Don’t look down. Look at me!”

Vince’s eyes were rooted to the ground.

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