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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-one : Two old guys in Poland (part six)


(part six)

Maresol looked at Abi for a moment. She had the sense that something was going on, but she wasn’t sure what. She remembered something Delphie had told her.

“I wondered …” Maresol said.

“Yes?” Abi asked.

“Delphie told me to ask you about my son,” Maresol said. “She said that she is too close to the situation but that you might be able to figure it out.”

“Figure it out?” Abi asked.

“He is very angry with me,” Maresol said. “It started when he turned twenty.”

“So it’s been a while,” Abi said.

Maresol nodded.

“I’m afraid that I will die and never know why he’s so angry with me,” Maresol said.

She sucked in a breath. She had no idea why she was telling this woman her deepest sorrow and her most horrible fear. It came out of her almost without much conscious thought. Maresol was relieved when Abi gave her a soft smile.

“How old was your husband when he died?” Abi asked.

“Twenty,” Maresol said. “See I thought it was that, but why is it my fault?”

“It’s not,” Abi said. “He’s not angry with you.”

“What do you mean he’s not angry with me?” Maresol shook head. “He …”

Abi nodded, and Maresol realized if she kept being defensive, she’d never learn what she wanted to know.

“He misses his dad?” Maresol asked.

“No,” Abi said. She sucked in a breath and hummed for a moment. She let out a breath. “When he calls, tell him that you are not angry with him.”

“When he …?” Maresol asked. She felt angry and unheard. “What are you talking about? Except for that time about his sister, and really that was Seth, he hasn’t spoken to me in nearly twenty years! He …”

Maresol’s cell phone rang. She turned it over, and it was her son’s phone number. Maresol looked at Abi, and Abi nodded.

“Hello,” Maresol said.

Abi watched while Maresol listened.

“No, son, I am not angry with you,” Maresol said. “Not ever. I have just felt confused and hurt because I love you and you withdrew from me. You wouldn’t let me love you.”

Abi winked at Maresol. While Maresol was distracted, Abi walked into Sandy’s room. She opened the door and found Sandy alone. Sandy’s eyes tracked Abi as she walked into the room.

“Jill tells me that your injuries are stubborn to healing,” Abi said.

“T’ m-ch,” Sandy said though her wired jaw.

“Yes, there’s a lot here,” Abi said. “How can I help?”

Sandy looked at Abi. Her eyebrows went up and down as she tried to work out what Abi was saying.

“We’ll start slow,” Abi said.

Abi snapped her finger, and Sandy fell asleep.

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