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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-nine : You're funny (part six)


(part six)

“Actually, our solution was …” Sam said as he came around the corner, “ … for me to drive you up to the cabin. Make sure you have everything you need and come home.”

“Right now?” Jacob asked. “What about?”

Two men came in the room. They nodded to Jacob and started installing the cabinet. Jacob gawked at them.

“Come on, son,” Sam said.

Sam put his arm over Jacob’s shoulder and walked him out to Sam’s truck.

“What about my gear?” Jacob asked.

“Jill packed it last night,” Sam said. “I grabbed your fishing gear. Blane got your camping gear. Satellite phone.”

Jacob stood at the door to the truck’s passenger seat. He noticed that his yellow Labrador, Sarah, was in the back seat.

“But …” Jacob said.

“You know what convinced me that you needed this?” Sam asked.

“How?” Jacob looked at his father.

“You stopped having breakfast with Blane, Aden, and me,” Sam said.

“I had breakfast with you …” Jacob looked offended.

“That was a month ago,” Sam said.

“Really?” Jacob asked.

“Really,” Sam said. “Get in the vehicle.”

Jacob got into the passenger seat. Sam started the truck and pulled out from Nelson’s driveway.

“We need to fix this driveway,” Sam said.

“It’s on the list,” Jacob said.

Sam nodded. After watching traffic, he was able to pull out. He started toward the highway.

“Will I be stuck there without a vehicle?” Jacob asked when they were on the I-70.

“No,” Sam said. “The boys will meet us there. You remember, from Leadville? My brothers?”

Jacob nodded.

“I’ll leave you my truck,” Sam said. “They’ll take me back. But if you come right back, you’ll really mess up.”

“Your need to control me?” Jacob asked.

“A lot of people have gone out of their way to create this space for you,” Sam said. “Coming right back is a big fat f-you for all of their efforts.”

Scowling, Jacob focused on the forest passing the window.

“My son would never do that,” Sam said.

“Your son?” Jacob asked.

Jacob looked at Sam and he grinned. Shaking his head, Jacob turned to look out the window. When Jacob didn’t say anything, Sam looked at him.

Jacob was sound asleep.

Sam knew that Jacob hadn’t been sleeping well. According to Jill, he didn’t seem to be sleeping at all. There was clearly something heavy on his mind. Sam knew that this trip was exactly what Jacob needed. He couldn’t help but worry.

Sarah, Jacob’s dog, made a sound as if to agree with Sam’s thoughts.

“I know, I know,” Sam said with a nod.

He continued to driving into the mountains.

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