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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-four : Let's do this thing (part one)


(part one)

Monday early morning — 1:15 a.m.

The Factory

Denver, Colorado

“I’d hoped you’d be able to come,” Homeland Security Agent, Colin Hargreaves said. “We were under the impression that you were still too ill.”

Colin pressed the button on the elevator. It opened with a “ding.” Colin rolled Sandy onto the elevator. Aden, Nash, Teddy, and Nadia got in after him. Better, stronger, but not anywhere near well, Sandy was sitting in a clunky medical wheelchair that Maresol had found in their basement. Colin pushed it from behind.

“She’s taken a turn for the better,” Aden said. He put his hand on Sandy’s shoulder. “She really wanted to be here. She didn’t want to miss seeing this come to fruition.”

Colin pushed the button for the office floor and the elevator began to drop.

“You remember the oath’s you swore?” Colin asked.

“We won’t dare talk about our experience at this facility including where it might be located,” Aden said with a nod. “Boys?”

“We won’t say anything,” Teddy said.

Nash and Nadia nodded.

“Ever,” Nash said.

“Good,” Colin said.

The elevator reached the right floor and the door opened to a small entryway.

“Leave your phones, watches, cameras, all electronic gear here,” Colin said. “If you bring it with you, it will be fried.”

They made quick work of leaving their things in the locker outside the door. They went through the door and the biometric scanner. Once inside, Colin stopped.

“We’ll be able to watch just down the hallway,” Colin said.

In her pain and drug induced daze, Sandy remembered going down a long hallway to a large open room. There were individual work stations as well as some long, battered, wooden tables that looked like they had been made in the 1940s.

M.J. was sitting at a table. He had a laptop in front of him.

“They just arrived,” MJ turned around to look. “Oh look! Sandy’s here!”

They could hear a vague cheering coming from the laptop.

“Go Sandy!” came Alex Hargreaves clear voice.

MJ picked up a wireless headset and put it on.

“Why don’t I put you here?” Colin asked.

He rolled Sandy to one of the large tables. Aden took her left side and Nadia took the other side.

“Is this us?” Nash asked.

Colin nodded. Nash and Teddy found a place at a long table next to them where two laptops sat on the table waiting for them.

“I’d like to stay with her,” Aden said. “I came along in case she needed to go home I could take her and not disrupt anything.”

Colin put his hand on Sandy’s shoulder.

“Just let me know what you need,” Colin said.

Sandy gave a slight nod.

“Good,” Colin said.

The screen in front of the room lit up with a greenish-grey image of Alex, some of her team, Seth O’Malley — of all people — and some other people that Sandy recognized but didn’t know their names. They looked like they were in the back of a utility truck. Some had weapons. Others did not. There was a diplomat looking person in a suit by the corner of the truck.

“Hi Sandy!” the group said in unison.

“Can they see us?” Aden asked.

“Of course,” Colin said.

Aden helped Sandy to wave. They waved back.

“We’re ready here!” Alex said.

“We’re ready here!” Nash responded without thinking.

Immediately embarrassed, Nash looked down at the table. The adults grinned.

“Let’s do this thing!” Matthew Mac Clengahan said in Poland, and the team got moving.

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