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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-four : Let's do this thing (part four)


(part four)

Monday morning — 9:35 a.m.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Vince asked Seth O’Malley as Seth came out of his room.

Seth gave Vince a long look. They were standing in the second floor hallway with doors to bedrooms on either side.

“This is a military mission,” Vince said. “Tunnels are tricky. We don’t need a civilian …”

“He was in Cu Chi for two years,” Patrick Hargreaves said as he walked by.

While Seth grinned, Vince blinked through his thoughts. Vince pointed at Seth.

“You trained the Marine’s in Afghanistan,” Vince said.

Seth nodded.

“I heard about …” Vince squinted after Patrick and then shook his head. “Alex.”

Seth gave him a smile. Vince nodded.

“Sorry,” Vince said. “I meant no offense.”

“None taken,” Seth said, with a grin. “I’m a little taller and older, but I’m still not too big around. My guess is that we will be fine in your tunnel. I have the scans …”

“Did you get them?” Raz asked as he came down the hallway toward them.

Seth held out a stack of papers. Raz looked at the diagrams and scans.

“Did you get the link?” Seth asked.

Raz nodded his thanks to Seth and then went down the hallway.

“How did you …?” Vince asked.

“I do some work in helping find people and remains,” Seth said with a shrug. “In return, I get access to satellite data every once and a while.”

“And a bevy of favors from the top brass,” Alex said, walking down the hallway past them.

Seth grinned at her back.

“She means her,” Vince said.

“She does,” Seth said.

“Nice body armor,” Alex said before she turned the corner.

Vince’s attention turned to what Seth was wearing.

“That is nice,” Vince said. “How did you …?”

“My wife bought it for me,” Seth said with a shrug. “Maresol packed it for me.”

“You don’t pack your own bags,” Vince said.

“I sure don’t,” Seth said. “I might be good in tunnels but the average daily tasks required of an adult are beyond me. Lucky for me, Maresol is damned good at them.”

Seth gave him a quick nod and walked down the hallway. Vince scowled after him for a moment. He’d never met anyone who would so openly admit something like that. He watched Seth’s back as he turned into the living room where everyone was gathering.

He vaguely wondered if Seth would be his dad. Shaking his head at the idea, he went down the hallway to join the rest of the team.

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