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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-four : Let's do this thing (part five)


(part five)

Near the side of the room, Patrick Hargreaves was finishing getting dressed. He was specifically going as “The Rich American.” Vince blinked. He hadn’t believed that the earthy General turned powerful Senator could pull off the idle wealth.

At this moment, the man looked every inch the inherited wealth billionaire.

Patrick was taking a contingency of the group to on a “shopping spree.” They were going to look for businesses and property to invest. The enigma that was Zack Jakkman, now, also looked like a billionaire in an expensive suit, shoes, and a shirt that made his eyes look like the sparkling sky. Alex’s Sergeant, Dusty, was dressed as a flunky assistant in a bad fitting cheap suit and tacky shoes. He was sitting in a chair looking worried.

At that moment, Zack’s girlfriend Bestat entered the room. She wore an expensive fur stole, a designer dress, and shoes that cost more than his first car. She seemed to flow across the ancient wood floors to Zack. Vince watched them kiss in hello. Together, four people he knew very well now looked like loathsome billionaires.

Feeling his eyes, Bestat turned to look at Vince. He felt his insides squeeze the way they always did when she looked at him. She gave him a beautiful smile.

“I brought you something,” Bestat said to Vince.

Unable to create language, Vince blinked at her. She flowed in his direction. Under her stole, she pulled out a small box.

“I was in Egypt when my loved called,” Bestat said. “I was able to get you these candies that you like.”

Vince’s eyes embarrassingly welled with tears. He couldn’t imagine a more thoughtful gift. She put her hand on his arm.

“May they heal your hearts most painful wound,” Bestat whispered the words as if they were an incantation.

Vince nodded. She wiped a tear and turned away from him. It was only then that breath and language returned. He was about to say something when Alex jogged over to Bestat. They women hugged in greeting. From under her stole, again, Bestat took out a tin of cookies that she said her and Zack’s child had made for Alex. Not one for formality, Alex opened the tin and groaned with bliss.

As Bestat grinned, the team gathered around for a cookie.

“Sustenance for such an important trip,” Bestat said with a smile.

“Are you ready, my lady?” Patrick asked.

“Of course,” Bestat said.

Patrick held out an elbow, and Bestat took his arm. Patrick nodded to Alex, and their little party flowed out of the house. In all the years of working with him, Vince had never once seen anything penetrate Sergeant Dusty’s capable presence. But at this moment, Dusty was running after them like a flunky.

Vince breathed a sigh of relief when the door closed.

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