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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-five : Into the salt mine (part three)


(part three)

“We’ve reached the gate,” Matthew said breaking her ruminations.

Matthew jumped out of the van. He went around and unlocked the metal gate. Vince drove the van onto the property. Matthew closed the gate and relocked it. Matthew got back into the car.

“Any sign of anyone?” Alex asked.

“I can hear a drone,” Matthew said. “It’s faint so it may be somewhere else.”

“Or up high,” Troy said. Troy took a tablet computer from his backpack. He logged into a satellite. “There’s one about a half mile ahead. I don’t think it’s armed.”

Troy punched a button. The drone came crashing down into a field on their left.

They continued toward the small dilapidated wooden structure over the mine. They stopped in an area of the field next to the structure. The team got out.

“When do we meet the representative from Poland?” Pierre asked.

“He agreed to let us secure the mine,” Vince said. “We will meet him at the gate this afternoon.”

“We’ve had company,” Raz said pointing to tire tracks.

Alex nodded. The team looked at Troy. He tossed what looked like a tennis ball into the air. It began to fly. Looking at his tablet, Troy shook his head.

“There is no one in the general vicinity,” Troy said. “You think they got inside?”

“Non,” Pierre said from the structure. “But they have tried. This is new?”

Pierre gestured to a metal door, similar to a large, wide manhole cover covering the entrance of the mine. There was no obvious locking mechanism or key hole and no hinges.

“Secure,” Seth said.

“Your design?” Pierre asked Troy.

“Modified existing technology,” Troy said.

“Some Army vets took a vacation to Poland a couple months ago,” Alex said. “They did the work here in exchange for trips to Europe for themselves and their families.”

“Nice,” Pierre.

“No spared expense,” Raz said. “That is what Nadia wanted. We have been oddly fortunate.”

“Oddly?” Pierre asked.

Rather than respond, Raz simply nodded.

“I don’t like it,” Vince said. “Let’s get inside.”

“Time to get going,” Matthew said to the team. “You have your orders?”

“Yes sir,” the team responded.

“Let’s do this thing,” Matthew said.

The team started up the small embankment. With Troy instructing her, Alex worked through the security to open the new metal door. Troy, Vince, and Matthew had to heft the door open. With a nod to the men, Alex stepped inside with Leena and Royce covering her from behind. She used a key that came with the property and opened a small padlock.

Alex, Leena, and Royce stepped back as Vince, Matthew, and Troy opened the original mine opening.

“Stay alert!” Alex said. “This mine is likely booby trapped.”

“Yes sir,” the team said.

Leena and Royce started into the mine. In order be able to assess the mine itself, Seth followed close behind the soldiers. The mine was tall enough for Troy’s drones zoomed over their heads and out in front of them. Alex and Raz walked just behind Seth. Troy and Margaret walked behind Alex and Raz. Pierre and Ben came next. Vince and Matthew closed the new secure door and the older original mine door.

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