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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-five : Into the salt mine (part six)


(part six)

“Sir, I am a trained and skilled tracker,” Royce said.

“Oh?” Pierre asked looked up at Royce. “Why?”

“We each have specialist survival training,” Royce said. “I happen to be good at this. Childhood adventures and all.”

Pierre grinned. Royce dropped down to Pierre.

“Can you tell me what you’re looking for, sir?” Royce asked.

“Seth thinks that the entrance is straight,” Pierre said. “I’ve seen this kind of things before.”

Pierre repeated what he’d said previously. He gave Royce a nod.

“Yes, sir,” Royce said. “I heard you say that.”

“Did I repeat myself?” Pierre put his hand to his chest. “God.”

Pierre gave himself a disgusted shake of his head. Royce put a hand on Pierre’s shoulder.

“Are you all right, sir?” Royce asked.

Pierre’s eyes scanned Royce’s concerned face.

“My childhood training is secrecy,” Pierre said. “I just fell into it. I apologize. You don’t deserve that. I was thinking, remembering and …”

Pierre made a gesture as if he’d thrown up. Royce grinned.

“I cannot …” Pierre said.

“It’s okay. We will go slowly,” Royce said. “What are we looking for here?”

Pierre blinked with confusion. Royce pointed to the ground. Pierre’s brain seemed to click into gear because he nodded. Pierre held up two fingers and mimicked walking.

“You’re looking for whoever went through here last,” Royce said.

Pierre nodded.

“Where,” Pierre said.

Royce gave Pierre a curt nod. He dropped to his belly. He looked for a moment.

“It’s been swept,” Royce said.

Pierre pointed to Royce and nodded.

“Does that mean something?” Royce asked.

Pierre nodded. He made an explosion gesture.

“You’re saying there’s a bomb?” Royce asked. Pierre nodded. “Here?”

Pierre pointed to the wall. Leena, Alex, and Raz stepped away from the wall.

“Is there another entrance?” Alex asked in fast Parisian French.

“Oui,” Pierre responded in French. Surprised at himself, he grinned. “This is a rouse. There is no entrance here.”

“Can you show me?” Royce asked in French.

“Je le pense,” Pierre said with a wide grin as if he was simply thrilled he could speak. “Oú est O’Malley?”

The team started looking around.

“Seth?” Alex called down the tunnel. She shook her head. “He’s not down there.”

“He passed me,” Vince said.

The team turned around to look down the mine. There was a whistle.

“I’m here!” Seth yelled. “I’ve found it.”

The team jogged to him.

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