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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-five : Into the salt mine (part five)


(part five)

Alex went forward to Seth.

“There is some kind of a barrier ahead, and another blocked opening to our left,” Seth said.

“Opening?” Alex asked.

Seth shook his head. He seemed to be sensing out ahead of them.

“This mine …” Seth turned his hand sideways and made the shape of a curve.

Alex nodded. The mine turned to the right up ahead.

“Ends,” Seth said with a nod. “Salt.”

Seth pointed straight ahead. He put a finger to the side of his nose.

“You can smell it?” Alex asked.

Seth nodded. He held up a finger and pointed above.

“Someone is here,” Seth said. “Truck.”

Alex walked back to Troy. She pointed above them. Troy nodded and showed her the image of a pickup truck pulling up above them. A team of mercenaries got out.

“Isn’t this still Sandy’s property?” Troy asked.

“It is,” Alex said.

Troy nodded. He pushed a button on his drone. He shot a blast of energy just in front of the truck in warning. The mercenaries began to scan the sky.

“Do you know these guys?” Troy asked.

“Know them,” Alex nodded. “Like them?”

She and Raz shook their heads.

“Iraq,” Alex said.

Troy nodded. These mercenaries had botched things during the Iraq war. Alex put her finger over one. Her eyes flicked to Leena. Troy gave a nod.

Using friction, the drone sent a hard shock to one of the men who’d injured Leena. He jerked with the shock and fell to the ground. The team scrambled back into the truck. One of the men grabbed the man on the ground and dragged him into the truck. The truck drove away.

“They’ll be back,” Troy said.

Alex nodded. She turned to Seth. With a nod, they continued their slow progress forward.

This area of the mine was for all intents and purposes a tube of dirt. The air was still and quiet, but, according to Troy’s drones’ sensors, still of good quality. Someone had gone to a great deal of work to create this mine shaft.

They reached the bend in the mine. As far as they could see, there was no obvious entrance to the shaft of salt. Seth went to the wall. He began running his hands over the wall. Shaking his head, he walked backward.

The small team stood in front of the wall. Pierre made a “tsk” sound. They turned to look at him.

“May I?” Pierre asked.

Alex nodded. She pointed for Matthew to go with Pierre.

“I have seen this before,” Pierre said as he walked back toward her. “This is a booby trap.”

Pierre pointed down the tunnel and started jogging. Matthew and Vince scurried after him. Pierre stopped short. He turned to the wall and the ceiling. He held up a stop to Matthew and Vince. He knelt down to the dirt.

Alex pointed to Royce. He jogged over to Pierre.

“Sir, I am a trained and skilled tracker,” Royce said.

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