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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-eight : Finally inside (part six)


(part six)

“Our hope is to have all of it out of there by the time they get around to doing something foolish,” Nash said.

“Seth said that he thought there might be military contractors there,” Maresol said.

“Yeah, Alex said those guys showed up,” Teddy said. “Trece and the team are there until the mine is cleared. The UN guy wants everything out of the mine before they designate the site.”

“Why?” Maresol asked.

“No reason,” Nadia said. She took a long drink of coffee before adding, “None at all. We need to get everything appraised and checked. There are extensive records so it shouldn’t be hard. It will take some time.”

“Days?” Maresol asked.

“Years,” Nadia said. “After that, the UN might set up a little museum or …”

Nadia shrugged.

“Will all of it go back to other people?” Maresol asked. “Does Sandy get to keep any of it?”

“We asked the same thing,” Nash said.

“And?” Maresol asked.

“The truth is that Sandy owns everything,” Nadia said. “She has the right to keep everything. She’s chosen to see if she can get the art back to heirs. And …”

Nadia shrugged.

“It’s likely that there are no living relatives to receive the art,” Teddy said. “Jews in Poland were hit the hardest. Entire families were wiped out.”

“So we’ll see,” Nadia said. “I’m sure that museums will bid on the paintings.”

“One painting is hanging in a museum!” Nash said with a laugh. “The guy from Israel said that the painting in the museum was likely a fake.”

“Sound like a big mess,” Maresol said.

“I’m happy to stick with the project for as long as it takes,” Nadia said. “That means it will get to an end, but no time soon. We have to expect that the Government of Poland will try to get this art back, if only for tax purposes.”

Maresol nodded. She turned around and set plates of eggs and pancakes down in front of Nadia, Teddy, and Nash. The boys ate as if they’d never eaten before. Nadia was more sedate.

“For all of the wins today, the thing that sticks with me is the dead children,” Nadia said. “The Nazi’s chased the scientist through the tunnel to get the detonator. That much is clear.”

“How so?” Maresol asked.

“From the dead Nazi’s along the way,” Nash said.

Her mouth full, Nadia nodded.

“After they failed — failed to stop the scientist, failed to make it through the challenges, failed to survive the tunnel or even find the hoard of treasures — they came back to murder the children,” Nadia said. “It … I …”

She sighed. They focused on eating for a while.

“I think I know what the Nazi’s did,” Nadia said. She gestured to her head. “I am an Emergency Room doctor. I know what people do to each other. And then …”

Nadia shook her head.

“I grew up in New York City. How can I possibly comprehend these people?” Nadia asked. “Every time I hit some depth of the Nazi depravity, it only goes lower. These people were monsters. Period.”

They ate the rest of their breakfast in silence.

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