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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-eight : Finally inside (part one)


(part one)

They lay against the cool limestone for more than five minutes when Troy began clearing his throat in their ears.

“What?” Alex asked.

“We’re still on a clock here!” Matthew said.

“Trece and White Boy are keeping the neo-Nazi’s out but only just,” Ben said. “If we cannot get in soon, they will arrive with bulldozers.”

“Got it,” Alex said.

She sat up and an arrow flew across toward her. She dropped back down and it flew over her.

“Can you either find the off switch or how many arrows are left?” Alex asked.

“One,” Raz said.

“Arrow?” Vince asked.

Vince sat up and an arrow started toward him. Like Alex, he lay back down and it went over him. It landed into the soft wall of the room they’d just gotten through.

Seth hopped to his feet. He took a step forward and then another. Nothing happened.

“Pierre?” Alex asked.

“Oui,” he said.

“Are you in the tunnel outside the entrance?” Alex asked in French.

“Oui,” Pierre said.

“Can you knock on the door?” Alex asked. “We’re a little turned around here. We’ve got a piano but there seems to be …”

A knock followed by a pounding fist came from the room to their right.

“Do you see it?” Alex asked.

Seth shook his head. Alex hopped up. She went to Vince and held out her hand.

“Come on,” Alex said. “Let’s find the entrance. We don’t want to let O’Malley get all the bragging rights.”

“Hey!” Seth said, with mock indignation.

Vince grinned. He. Alex. The Fey Team. They never took credit for anything they did and would never take it for this salt tunnel. They’d planned on having Seth and his father lead the publicity. Vince took her hand and then winced.

“Shoulder?” Alex asked.

“It’s almost as if I was hanging over a ten-thousand foot drop,” Vince said with a nod.

She grinned and helped him up. They went forward together.

“We’re in some kind of corridor,” Seth said. “It’s a part of the salt tunnel and oddly empty. There are a few things lying around …”

Seth gestured to a trunk on the floor, a filing cabinet, the piano, and a few old boxes.

“It’s as if they wanted the casual observer to think that they got in the mine but …” Seth finished with a shake of his head.

“This is the third chamber,” Alex said.

“Good thinking,” Seth said, nodding in agreement. “It’s likely. If that’s the case, there should be a door into the salt tunnel. Somewhere …”

Seth waved in front of them.

“It looks solid,” Alex said.

Vince went to the wall on their right. He patted the wall.

“Wood,” Vince said. “Covered to look like a tunnel wall.”

“We need to find the door,” Seth said.

Side by side, they walked slowly, one foot in front of the other, through the corridor.

“Can you knock again?” Alex asked after they’d gone six feet.

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