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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-eight : Finally inside (part four)


(part four)

Monday morning — 11:22 a.m.

Denver, Colorado

“Then …” Nash said.

He was following Maresol through the house. They’d arrived at Seth O’Malley’s home about twenty minutes ago. Maresol helped Sandy get back into bed. Nash and Teddy were waiting for her when she left Sandy’s room.

“Oh man, you should have seen it,” Teddy said. “There spikes in the wall and then gas and …”

“Little kids that had been killed,” Nash said. “And a long drop. Mr. Vince almost feel in, but Seth and Ms. Alex saved him.”

“I think Mr. Vince hurt his arm pretty bad,” Teddy said.

Nash nodded.

“Then Seth took an arrow,” Nash said, his hand went to his chest.

“What?” Near the kitchen, Maresol stopped walking and turned to Nash.

“He’s okay,” Nadia said from the counter in the kitchen. “It hit his body armor.”

Maresol shook her head and went into the kitchen.

“Breakfast or lunch?” Maresol asked.

“Breakfast!” Teddy and Nash said.

“Where’s Noelle?” Teddy asked.

“She went on an art outing with Mike,” Maresol answered Teddy’s question. Turning to Nadia, she said, “Is breakfast okay with you?”

“Of course,” Nadia said.

Maresol gave Nadia a nod and went to the refrigerator. She was holding a carton of eggs and some vegetables when she turned around.

“Did they ever get there?” Maresol asked.

“Um hm.” Nash made guttural sounds while he drank his milk.

“It was truly incredible,” Nadia said. “I’ve never … I mean, I’ve been in every museum in Europe but this … We were all so blown away by what was there that we all just sat and stared. I don’t think anyone said a word for at least a half-hour.”

“And then it was just like, ‘Wow,’” Teddy said. “How did you know about the lawyers?”

“I just figured it would be helpful to have some representation there,” Nadia said. “I didn’t expect to capture the immediate attention of modern Nazis!”

Teddy and Nash gave vigorous nods.

“What lawyers?” Maresol asked from her position at the stove.

“We had the UN there to make a determination if the mine was a UN heritage site,” Nadia said.

“To keep it out of the hands of the Polish government,” Maresol said.

“That’s exactly right,” Nadia said.

“I thought Sandy had clear rights of ownership,” Maresol said.

“To own the land,” Nadia said. “The diary. Whenever you talk about the ground or anything under the top soil, your rights are iffy. For example, in Denver, you can own a house, but not own the mineral rights to your property. This house, for example, it’s likely that you don’t have mineral rights. They usually belong to the city. The city can then auction off the mineral rights to your property and suddenly the oil company is slant mining under your house.”

Maresol shook her head.

“It’s a little crazy,” Maresol said.

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