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Chapter Five Hundred and One : God bless, Yvonne (part two)


(part two)

Deep inside the Marlowe Mine

They stood as still as statues. Archangel Uriel had his hand on Yvonne’s shoulder. Her hand covered his hand. Jacob held the heavy stone up in case the moment came when Yvonne could direct her light through the stone to send a stream of pure boron to blast the soul stealer.

The moment didn’t come.

Abi and Gilfand fought valiantly, but every blow bounced right off the soul stealers time-hardened shell. The creature was deft with his claws. He seemed to anticipate every blow. Abi and Gilfand worked to find any advantage, any soft spot. But none seemed to exist.

Jacob glanced up at the archangel. He scowling and shaking his head. Jacob nodded in agreement.

They would not be able to attack this creature from the front.

“No creature is invulnerable,” Jacob said to himself.

Yvonne scowled. Her eyes glanced at him and she scowled.

And then … He wasn’t sure what happened next. Of course, he was inches away from an Archangel, his child, and a few feet from the First Woman and First Man. It easily could have been magic. It looked like a trick of the light.

This is what happened. A beam of light hit the smooth ceiling of the tunnel and bounced down. The light reflected off Abi’s swinging sword and highlighted the junction between the creature’s head and his trunk.

“You bite the head off a crawdad,” Yvonne said softly.

“You saw that, too?” Jacob asked.

Yvonne nodded.

“But how?” Yvonne’s eyes flicked to Jacob.

Jacob winked at her and turned back to watch the fight.

“Abi,” Jacob said in his mind.

“I’m a little busy here, Jacob,” Abi said.

“Can you get a reflective shield?” Jacob asked.

“She can get anything, son,” Gilfand said with more than his usual derision. “You realize that you’re playing into his hands.”

The creature pointed at Jacob and chuckled. He raised a claw to point at Jacob.

“I can’t wait to own your soul,” the creature said. “We’ll have so much fun.”

Uriel snorted with rage.

“Come get me, asshole,” Jacob said.

He saw a flash of light as Abi was carrying a bright and shiny metal shield.

“Now,” Uriel said.

Yvonne shot her light through the stone Jacob had created. Abi held the shield up. The light bounced off the shield and hit the creature at the spot where his head attached to his trunk. The creature jerked as if he was in pain.

“Shit,” Jacob said.

“You have a spot now,” Urial said. “A weakness. Go on.”

Jacob looked down at the stone he was holding. The blue of the diamond was gone. He chucked it aside.

“Quickly now,” Gilfand said.

Jacob grabbed a stone and focused to transform it. By the time he’d finished, the blackened spot on the soul stealer had almost healed over. When he finished, Yvonne shot another blast through the stone. Abi caught the light and hit the creature with it.

Same blackened spot on his shell.

“How fast can you go?” Jacob whispered to Yvonne.

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