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Chapter Five Hundred and One : God bless, Yvonne (part three)


(part three)

“How fast can you go?” Jacob whispered to Yvonne.

“No idea.” Yvonne shrugged.

“Just do it,” Urial said. The archangel raised his hand to point at Jacob. “You, Jacob Marlowe, are more than you know.”

Jacob felt a blast of power. He nodded at Urial. His hands found stones, which he transformed with his touch. As if he were in baseball practice, he threw the stone in his right hand. Yvonne blasted light through the stone. Abi caught the light and aimed it at the soul stealer.

Jacob felt like he was on fire. The more he used his psychokinetic power, the stronger he felt. Yvonne’s cheeks flushed but she also seemed to only get more powerful. It was like being high. They fought with all of their skills and power.

One after the other, the blows of light hit the soul stealer. Of course, many of the light beams missed their mark. But more than enough hit the soul stealer right where he was vulnerable.

The soul stealer did everything in his power to protect himself. He turned away at the last minute. He raised a claw to the light. But with Gilfand not letting up, and Abi deftly catching Yvonne’s light through the stone, the soul steal was hit over and over again with the boron infused light.

The soul stealer was beginning to slow down.

“We have to get off his head!” Yvonne yelled.

Jacob grabbed a bigger stone and tossed it into the air. The stone transformed from grey rock to dazzling blue diamond as it moved through the air.

Yvonne pulled back, allowing her hand to cup her own light, before throwing it through the stone.

Abi perfectly caught the light with the reflective shield.

The blast of light hit the soul stealer with an insignificant “Pop.”

The creature’s head blew off his body.

“Duck!” Abi yelled.

Moving by instinct, they rotated away from the creature. Jacob threw himself over Yvonne. The soul stealer’s flesh pounded his back. Jacob pulled back from Yvonne and noticed that the soul stealer’s flesh was quivering. Quickly the pieces began to rejoin together.

“The pieces!” Jacob screamed. “They are joining back together.”

“He’s reforming!” Gilfand yelled.

“Use the water!” Yvonne said.

Crawling to the stream because she was unable to stand, Yvonne took off her boot and filled it with water. She poured the water over the pieces of the soul stealers flesh.

The flesh sizzled as if it were on the grill. There was a pop and it caught on fire. Abi and Gilfand were holding plastic tubs which they filled with water. Not one for ceremony, Jacob grabbed a stream of water with his psychokinetic power. The stream flew effortlessly through the air until it landed on the place where the soul stealers head had been. Water poured into the soul stealer’s body.

As they worked, small pieces of the soul stealer’s flesh began to catch on fire. Jacob kept the stream on the soul stealer’s body until it began to smolder.

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