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Chapter Five Hundred and One : God bless, Yvonne (part four)


(part four)

As they worked, small pieces of the soul stealer’s flesh began to catch on fire. Jacob kept the stream on the soul stealer’s body until it began to smolder.

“Watch out,” Gilfand said.

The soul stealer’s body began to burn. Abi threw a tub after tub of water over the body. The fire consuming soul stealer’s body grew. Yvonne began to cough.

“We have to get it out before the fire destroys all the oxygen down here!” Jacob yelled.

“Jacob!” Uriel pointed to a pile of rocks dislodged when Yvonne hit the support beam.

Jacob grabbed the pile of rocks, dirt, and debris with his mind and threw it on top of the soul stealer’s burning body. The fire went out immediately. Smoke came out from under the rocks and debris.

“Try the water now!” Gilfand said.

Jacob grabbed the stream again. Within minutes, the body stopped smoking. Abi stood over the husk of flesh for a full five minutes before she would concede that he was truly dead.

Jacob fell to his knees with exhaustion. Gilfand dropped down to rest against the side of the tunnel. Only Abi was on guard. Raising her sword, she stormed toward where Uriel was standing.

“Who is here?” Abi asked.

“My father,” Yvonne said in a soft voice.

Abi dropped her sword and snorted a laugh.

“Well met, son,” Abi said to her daughter Ne Ne’s love.

Unable to see him, she held out her hand. Uriel grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. They hugged each other tight. It was a brief, fast gesture. One moment, Abi was being hugged and the next the archangel was gone. Abi smiled at Yvonne and went to check on Gilfand.

No one said anything. The only sound in the Marlowe Mine was the running water of the stream. Abi stood over the rock pile where soul stealer’s corpse had been.

“Is he gone?” Yvonne asked.

“Yes,” Abi said. To confirm, she poked through the stones with her sword. “He is no longer here.”

“We should …” Yvonne tried to get up. Gasping with pain, she fell back into her spot.

“You need to get to the hospital,” Jacob said.

“What about the thing that lives in the Fire of Hell?” Yvonne asked. “You will need me to help.”

“That may be the case, but you can’t really help us now,” Jacob said. There was a hard edge to his voice, but his manner was kind. “You’re amazing. A true badass. But your part of this adventure is over for now.”

Jacob looked up to where Abi was poking the debris and Gilfand was resting.

“Can either of you take her?” Jacob asked.

“Where?” Abi asked turning toward him.

“I think it’s best that she returns to the house where Delphie and her friends are staying,” Jacob said. “They can call an ambulance and get her to the hospital.”

“And the creature?” Gilfand asked.

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