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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-two : Have to go potty (part two)


(part two)

“Do you have…” Paddie started to ask. Seeing a dot on the ground in front of them. “Oh.”

They followed the dot to an ancient latrine. Katy turned her back so that Paddie could go potty. He turned his back so that she could go. When they were done, they looked around for a place to wash their hands.

“We need water!” Katy said.

Two plastic water bottles filled with water appeared next to them. They used one to wash their hands and drank the second.

“Your sword is pretty neat,” Paddie said with a nod. “It’s perfect for you ’cuz you have powers and just need help sometimes.”

Looking around, Katy nodded. She turned to look at Paddie.

“I would be lost without you, Paddie,” Katy said. “You’re the best friend I could have ever hoped for.”

Overwhelmed, Paddie hugged Katy. The children had been through so much together than their bond was deep and true.

“Do you want my sword?” Katy asked.

Paddie thought for a long moment.

“Having a sword is a big responsibility,” Paddie said. “I don’t think I can handle more than one.”

Katy nodded.

“Do you not want your sword?” Paddie asked. “It’s shiny and beautiful. Helpful too.”

Paddie nodded to the latrine and water. Katy nodded.

“No,” Katy said. “I’m okay to keep it. It just… if you wanted it, you could have it.”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Paddie hugged Katy. They hugged each other for a long moment. Katy shifted away to look around.

“Where are we?” Katy asked.

A light shone from her sword and a map appeared on the ground. The children bent over to look at the ground. They looked up at the ceiling.

They seemed to be under a house.

Someone else’s house.

Someone they didn’t know.

While certainly animated fairy skeletons were scary, the idea of going into someone’s house that they didn’t know was too much for the young children. Katy looked down the tunnel. The box they’d hidden in was actually a long way away. They could go back, but that would take them closer to the scary fairy skeletons that wanted to harm them.

Katy threw her arms around Paddie. Shaking with fear, they held each other in the crystal tunnel.

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