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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-two : Have to go potty (part three)


(part three)

“Maughold!” Jacob called out as he and Sarah ran toward the figure ahead of them wearing dark robes.

The figure spun in place.

“Keenan!” Jacob said. “What a pleasure to see you!”

Keenan gave a little chuckle. The monk held out his arms and Jacob hugged him tight.

“How are you here?” Jacob asked.

“How are you?” Keenan said. “Áthas’s fairies want the Sword of Truth and decided that they could get it from Paddie before he’d attached to the sword.”

“That brought you back?” Jacob asked with a rueful shake of his head.

“I know,” Keenan said. “Crazy, right?”

“What’s crazy is that you’re so grown up!” Jacob said. “It was just a year or so ago that you were living with us!”

“It’s fairy stuff,” Keenan said. “Magic allowed me to relive my childhood in a loving family. But I lived in this time. It will always be my home timeline, even though I’m thirteen in the future.”

Keenan shrugged.

“I will tell you,” Keenan leaned forward to Jacob. “This body is uncomfortable. Poor Maughold truly suffered at the hands of Patrick.”

“Brutal,” Jacob said.

Keenan nodded.

“You here for Paddie and Katy?” Keenan as Maughold asked.

He knelt down to pet Sarah.

“I guess so,” Jacob said. “I was brought here.”

“To fight the fairies?” Maughold asked.

“Is that what’s happening?” Jacob asked.

“Áthas’s fairies were buried in the crypt,” Maughold said. “They’ve reanimated and chased Katy and Paddie around.”

Jacob winced. He knew how terrified Katy must be.

“Where are the kids now?” Jacob asked.

“They escaped the fairies in my workshop,” Maughold said. “They hid for a while, but are now in a crystal tunnel about… here.”

Maughold pointed down. Jacob looked down at the ground and then up. They were standing just off the front yard of a historic mansion.

“Crystal tunnel?” Jacob asked.

“Exactly,” Maughold said. “No fairy can get through crystal, so they are safe but…”

Jacob nodded.

“Dare I ask why there’s a crystal tunnel that connects this house to your crypt?” Jacob asked.

“Under Queen Elizabeth I, Catholics were persecuted in Britain,” Maughold said. “While the Isle of Man was tolerant to religious groups, we were still under the threat from Britain. The large mansions built ‘priest holes’ to hide visiting priests. Almost every building near the church has a tunnel back to the church so that priests can come and go at will.”

“Why didn’t they destroy the church?” Jacob asked.

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