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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-two : Have to go potty (part six)


(part six)

“You know who I am?” Jacob asked.

The fairy warriors nodded slowly.

“Would you bring this message to Áthas?” Jacob said. He pointed at the fairies. “You tell Áthas that my friends, my family — we are coming for her.”

The fairy warriors yelped when he pointed his finger at them. Without fanfare, they turned in place and ran away.

Jacob closed that door.

“That was easier than I thought,” the man said. “I don’t believe that I’ve introduced myself. I was so surprised to see you. You look so much like my son.”

Jacob smiled at the man.

“I am also a Marlowe,” the man said with a wide grin. “My name is Joseph. My family has been here since the days of Mannanan. I never knew that we had an American branch.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jacob said. “This is my daughter, Katy, and her friend, Paddie.”

“Are you fairies?” Joseph asked.

“Human,” Jacob said. “Mostly. You?”

“Likely the same,” Joseph said. “How about some tea?”

“We’re hungry,” Paddie said.

“I bet you are,” Joseph said. “Come with me.”

They followed Joseph to his kitchen. For the next two hours, they laughed and talked to this Joseph Marlowe. At one point, Jacob put a video call through on his cell phone to his father and let them men talk to each other. After a moment or two, it was determined that they were, in fact, family.

They shared a delightful meal. When Katy began to fall asleep, Jacob made his excuses. With promises to visit again, they left the man’s house and ran into Maughold.

“Did I tell you that you have family here?” Maughold asked with a laugh.

Jacob grinned.

“We’re going home,” Jacob said. He hugged Maughold tight. “Be well.”

“Thank you, Jacob,” Maughold said. “Bye bye, Princess Katy and her Knight Paddie.”

“Bye bye Keenan!” Katy said.

With Katy and Paddie in his arms and a hand on Sarah’s collar, Jacob jumped back to the cabin in Dillon. They arrived on the mountain where Jacob and Sarah had been running. Katy and Paddie were sound asleep in Jacob’s arms. Jacob carried the children back to the cabin.

Once he’d settled the children, he called Jill.

“Katy’s here,” Jacob said. “Paddie too. They are safe from the fairies.”

Unable to speak, Jill began to cry.

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