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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-two : Have to go potty (part five)


(part five)

He climbed down the ladder until he reached the bottom. He hugged Katy and Paddie to him. He knelt down to Katy and Paddie. He checked their bodies and kissed their foreheads.

“You don’t seem hurt,” Jacob said, almost to himself.

“We’re okay,” Katy said. “A little hungry.”

“Katy has a sword that will bring her whatever she needs,” Paddie said.

“Really?” Jacob asked. “Can it tell me why that guy locked us in?”

“Why are we locked in?” Katy asked the sword.

As if it were a movie projector, a video came out of the end of the sword and projected on the wall.

The first image was of Jacob coming to the door. The man laughed and took Jacob to the priest hole entrance. Jacob had just started down the ladder when there was another knock on the man’s door. The man looked after Jacob. He scowled and started toward the door.

He got across the room and went back to the priest hole. He closed up the priest hole. The jogged when the person knocked again.

Fairy soldiers were standing at the door.

“Ugh! I hate those fairies!” Paddie said.

The man looked through the peep hole to see fairies clad in armor carrying weapons. He glanced to where Jacob had gone. Shaking his head, he locked the dead bolt on the door and ran to the back door. The man locked the back door.

The fairies knocked on both doors.

“He needs our help,” Jacob said. “Those doors won’t hold forever.”

“We’re ready, Daddy,” Katy said.

“How do we get out?” Jacob asked.

“Can we get to the man?” Katy asked the knife like sword in her hand.

The Vanquisher didn’t respond for a moment. Then the sword showed Jacob climbing up the ladder. At the top, he uses his psychokinetic skill to reopen the priest hole. Katy and Paddie join him in the man’s living room.

Jacob shrugged.

“Better than sitting here, I guess,” Jacob said. “Here goes nothing.”

He climbed back up the ladder. At the top, he tried to visualize the book on the shelf. There was a click from the mantle. He moved the mantle and the panel.

“No, no, Mr. Marlowe, stay below,” the man yelled down to them.

“We will not leave you undefended,” Jacob said.

He came through the fireplace. Katy and Paddie joined him in the living room. The man shook his head, but Jacob went to the door.

The fairy warriors took a step back.

“You know who I am?” Jacob asked.

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