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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-three : Coming clean (part two)


(part two)

Nodding to Jacob, Julie asked, “Can you tell us more about this sword?”

Julie put her hand over Colin’s.

“The best way to show you about the sword is to get the children up,” Jill said.

“Any why is that?” Colin asked.

“The sword is tied into Paddie’s DNA,” Jill said gently.

“What?” Colin jumped to his feet. “You did this without even bothering to consult us?”

Jill touched Colin’s hand.

“It sounds crazy but it was done by the sword itself,” Jill said.

“You’re right, it sounds crazy,” Colin said.

Jill sighed.

“I’m not sure why we never talked about it with you,” Jill said. “Honestly, it was more of an oversight than an intentional slight. We just didn’t talk about it with you. We had the twins and…”

“We are talking about it now,” Jacob said. “Let me get the children.”

“I’ll get them,” Jill said.

Julie got up when Jill did. The men sat in uncomfortable silence as the women went into the small bedroom and woke up Paddie and Katy. It took a few minutes to get them awake. They brought the children into the living area.

“Daddy!” Paddie said.

The boy ran to his father. Colin lifted the child onto his lap, and Paddie snuggled in. Katy hung on Jill’s neck. Jacob stood to help Jill sit down with Katy. When they were settled again, Jacob looked at Paddie.

“Paddie,” Jacob said. “Your parents would like to see your sword.”

Paddie looked at Jacob and then gave his parents a sly looked. He held up the wooden sword that hid the Sword of Truth.

“The actual sword,” Jacob said.

Paddie hopped off his father’s lap. He pulled the adult sized sword from what looked like a wooden scabbard.

Julie gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. Colin’s mouth fell open and then he looked angry.

“Paddie put that down right now,” Colin said. He stood up. “I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but my son is not yet six years old. That’s…”

Colin reached for the blade. Sparks flew off the sword. Colin flew across the room. He hit a wall with a thud. Jill’s twins and Paddie’s younger brother Conner began to wail in surprise. Dazed, Colin slid along the wall until his rear hit the floor.

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