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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-three : Coming clean (part six)


(part six)

“You said that you were hungry,” Jacob said. “I have plenty of food here. Most of it is soups and stews that just need to be heated. Why don’t I start something while we talk?”

Jill got up from the table and set the table. Jacob took something from the freezer. Soon, the wafting odor of curry filled the cabin. Jacob started some white rice before sitting down.

Colin and Julie finished talking and sat down on the side of the table near the door.

“Just a few minutes,” Jacob said with a nod.

They sat in uncomfortable silence. Finally, Colin cleared his throat.

“This just happened to you?” Colin asked.

Jill nodded.

“While I was in labor with the twins,” Jill said. “We were so focused on getting the babies born and then caring for them that six months or so went by before we realized that Paddie had the sword.”

Colin gave a slight nod.

“And you didn’t tell us because…?” Julie asked.

“I never thought of it,” Jacob said.

“I didn’t either,” Jill said. “I’m sorry. It’s the truth. It never occurred to us to tell you about the sword or any of what we knew. We just kept…” Jill sighed, and added, “Living.”

“I understand,” Julie said. “We had Conner and…”

Julie nodded.

“You didn’t not tell us on purpose?” Colin asked. “Because I’m a drunk or…?”

“I’ve known you a long, long time,” Jacob said to Colin. “It wouldn’t occur to me to not tell you because you have a problem or are working on something. You’re a good person, a good friend. Paddie is so like you.”

“It’s amazing,” Jill said softly.

“You’ll tell us in the future?” Colin asked.

“Absolutely,” Jacob said.

Jill nodded.

“I think that’s all we can ask,” Colin said.

“I want to know if Paddie is still in danger of these fairies,” Julie said. “They seem highly unbalanced.”

“The children are safe for now,” Jill said.

“They are safe here,” Jacob said. “And we’re working on a plan to deal with these fairies.”

“A plan?” Colin asked. “You aren’t sure yet how to deal with them?”

Jacob nodded.

“When you’re ready, I’d like to join you in making sure they don’t hurt my son.”

“Or take him again,” Julie said.

“Fair enough,” Jacob said.

Jacob held out his hand and Colin shook it. The bell on the rice cooker rang. With a nod, Jacob went to get the curry stew. They ate in silence. After dinner, Jill set up the folding couch for Colin and Julie. They went to bed. Jill heard Julie and Colin whisper for a long time after they went to bed. She wasn’t sure what would happen the next day but she felt like they were going to see a lot more of Colin and Julie in the future.

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