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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-six : Change of plans (part four)


(part four)

“Look up those swords,” Seth said. “Paris and…”

“Menelaus,” Bernie and Seth said in unison.

Maresol flipped through the journal. She stopped at a page.

“There’s a mention of swords, but… uh…” Maresol shook her head. “Not those. They’re not in here.”

“But everything is accounted for, right?” Claire asked. “My eldest was the scribe for this project. She checked everything against the inventory. Everything in the inventory was in the tunnel. There were no discrepancies.”

“Then we should probably look at that,” Sandy said. “Is Joy home?”

“Joy’s at her home,” Claire said.

“We have the inventory, Sandy,” Seth said.

“We needed it for authenticity,” Bernie said.

“We should look there,” Sandy said. “I mean…”

Sandy paused to collect her thoughts. Her father, his friends, and her grandfather waited patiently for her to speak.

“We watched the raid,” Sandy said. “We went to Alex’s super secure office and watched it in the middle of the night.”

Bernie and Seth nodded. They were there, as well.

“It looked to me like the Nazi’s never made it in,” Sandy said. She shook her head. “We assumed they never made it into the mine because the scientist and his detonator was still stuck in the door to the tunnel.”

She made a gesture with her hands to indicate that the scientist was clutching the detonator. Bernie started shaking his head. His movements were slow at first and grew in fervor. Sandy stopped talking.

“What is it?” Maresol touched Bernie’s arm to get his attention.

“I can’t believe how stupid we’ve been,” Bernie said. “Of course, she’s right.”

He continued to shake his head.

“About what?” Seth asked.

“What?” Bernie asked.

“What have we been stupid about?” Seth asked. “This time?”

Bernie grinned at his son before nodding.

“What Sandy was saying,” Bernie said gesturing to Sandy. “She’s saying that the Nazis put stuff inside the tunnel to hide it. Store it. We assumed they never made it, but…”

Bernie shook his head.

“I should have thought of it,” Bernie said.

Maresol moved in front of the elderly man. He looked at her.

“You’re talking in riddles,” Maresol said.

“I am?” Bernie asked.

“Slow it down,” Seth said.

“Oh, right,” Bernie said. He grinned. “Sorry Sandy, I’ve spent too much time alone.”

Bernie had spent the more than thirty years living on his own.

“Okay,” Bernie said. “Sandy is right. We made an assumption. Because the scientist and his detonator was not on the interior of the mine, we assumed that the Nazis had never been into the salt mine. But… I mean, it’s certainly possible.”

Bernie nodded like he’d completed a sentence. He looked at Maresol and she shook her head.

“What’s possible?” Maresol asked.

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