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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-seven: Make it go away (part five)


(part five)

“What happened to them?” Nash asked, his mouth an inch from his dog’s ear.

“It’s an interesting question,” Heather said. “Let’s see. As I said, some of them spent their lives longing and lonely. Other’s got married to someone ‘more appropriate.’”

“What happened to them?” Nash asked.

Heather shrugged.

“They lived their lives,” Heather said.

“Were they miserable?” Nash asked.

“Not all of them,” Heather said. “They didn’t grow. They lived a safe, secure life until it was over.”

Heather looked at Nash.

“You don’t strike me as someone who wants to live a safe life,” Heather said.

Nash didn’t respond.

“I might be able to help better if you tell me what’s going on,” Heather said.

Nash shook his head but didn’t say anything.

“Pretend that I’m a Goddess and you are talking to me in my shrine,” Heather said, her grin obvious in her voice.

Nash chuckled and looked at Heather.

“It’s complicated,” Nash said.

“I am a Goddess,” Heather said. “I’ve lived thousands of year, experienced thousands of lives.”

“Someday I’m going to write a book called ‘The Goddess who folded the towels,’” Nash said.

Heather grinned at him. After a moment, he sighed.

“Okay,” Nash said. “You won’t tell Sandy?”

“I won’t keep a secret if you’re in danger,” Heather said.

“Fair enough,” Nash said. He thought for a moment before nodding. “Okay. Nadia and I are at this place where what we’ve been doing doesn’t work anymore. We spend all of this time talking about stupid stuff and not enough time really getting to know each other. It’s like standing in place on a treadmill. Nadia says it’s like treading water in the ocean but I’ve never done that. She says you keep going under water and then popping back up. Mostly what you remember is being battered by the waves and your time underwater.”

He glanced at Heather and saw that he had her full attention.

“Nadia talked to Bernie on the way back from Poland,” Nash said. “Bernie said that he told Nadia that we needed time together. He’s willing to buy a place — an out of the way place — for Nadia and I to meet that’s away from the press and spotlight. This would give us real time together.”

Nash nodded.

“The next thing I know, I’m hearing from Jake that we can go to his place back East. You know, the one on the lake,” Nash said. “He said that he’s transitioning it into a high end hotel.”

“So it’s empty,” Heather said.

“Right,” Nash said. “It needed some serious repairs — roof and plumbing and stuff. So he closed it to do the repairs and then Jill decided to redo it. Most of the big structural repairs are done. The remodeling continues. Otherwise it’s empty for now.”

“It certainly is beautiful there,” Heather said. “Quiet.”

“Right,” Nash said. “We just have to agree to do it and then do it. I can bring someone with me. Seth has all of these nice people around him. Maresol, Claire, even Dale or Bernie — they’ve offered to go with me as a chaperone or whatever. Sam and Jake said they would too.”

“Blane would go with you,” Heather said.

“I know!” Nash said. “I know! I am not without helpful people who want to support me.”

“Oh the curse,” Heather said.

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