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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-one : Frustration (part two)


(part two)

“Katy told Jill that she has been given the Vanquisher,” Heather said.

“The what?” Pierre’s eyes were instantly guarded. “What is a Vanquisher?”

“A sword or possibly a knife,” Heather said.

Pierre looked up quickly. He blinked at Heather.

“Nelson told us that you knew about the sword,” Heather said.

“It was a knife,” Pierre said. “Companion to the Sword of Truth. My emphasis is on ‘was.’ The knife was destroyed.”

“Everyone says that too!” Jill said, her terror for her daughter transmuting to anger. Jill shook her head. “This isn’t helping.”

Pierre watched Jill cautiously.

“Have you spoken with your father?” Pierre asked.

“My father has made a promise to me and my mother that he would not kill Áthas’s entire tribe,” Jill said angrily. “If he knows that they’ve taken Katy …”

Pierre gave a quick nod. For a long moment, the man simply looked at Jill and Heather.

“Nelson told us that you would tell us everything we wanted to know,” Heather said. “You’ve told us nothing.”

Pierre’s eyes flicked to Heather. As if it had a mind of his own, his head started moving up and down in a slow nod. The waiter arrived to bring their meals. The staff filled their water glasses and brought extra napkins. They settled in to eating.

Pierre ate a few bites of his pasta and set his fork down.

“I apologize,” Pierre said. “I have mishandled this entire thing. My son and I are arguing over something and I made the assumption that you were here to argue his point.”

“I don’t need to argue his point,” Heather said. “You know as well as I do that the order is done. You will be the last head of the Templars. You will talk and talk and argue and resist, but eventually, you will give the swords to museums. The government of France will take back their land and it will be over.”

Pierre stared at Heather for a long moment without blinking.

“Did he tell you this?” Pierre asked.

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