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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-one : Frustration (part five)


(part five)

Jacob leaned forward to see if he could get a clue as to where the children might be located. He didn’t recognize the small space.

“Where is this?” Jacob said.

A map appeared on the back of the rock with an image of the Isle of Man. A red dot appeared near the West coast of the island nearly at the top of the island.

“Maughold,” Jacob said with a nod. “When?”

The image shifted to Jacob and Valerie running through the forest with Sam and Delphie. Brigid and Gilfand were flying ahead of them.

Jacob sighed. He shook his head.

He did not want to go on another weird and wild adventure especially where fairies were involved. He’d promised Jill that he would rest. He’d promised Jill that he wouldn’t do this kind of crap anymore.

“Getting your body burned up should be enough,” Jill said.

And she was right.

“But this is Katy,” Jacob said out loud.

He pointed to the rock.

“Who is sending me this information?” Jacob asked.

A “V” appeared on the rock but nothing else.

“Okay, V,” Jacob said. “What are you suggesting?”

The rock showed him nothing more. He stood for more than a minute hoping the rock would answer him. He couldn’t help anyone out here in the middle of a boulder field. He shook his head and started running back toward the cabin.

In a breath, he was running through the forest. Surprised, he stopped running and looked around. He hadn’t even tried to do that by himself since he’d been on the Isle of Man. Ahead of him, he saw himself, Valerie, Sam, and Delphie running away from him.

But where was Sarah?

He returned to the mountainside to find Sarah waiting for him. He put his arms around the dog and transported them both to the Isle of Man.

“Fine,” Jacob said to no one. He looked down at Sarah and rubbed her ears. “Come on girl, let’s get our Katy.”

Sarah barked and started to run toward the chapel that Maughold had cared for.

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