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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-nine: A new home (part three)


(part three)

“What are people like you?” Nelson asked.

“He means, African-American,” Blane said.

“I thought he might have an additional eye or something,” Nelson said, looking Jeraine up and down.

Jeraine laughed.

“But I get what you mean,” Nelson said. “There is no place for prejudice in my life. If this is your dream, it’s my dream too.”

Everyone nodded.

“We realized that we don’t have a real privacy on this side of the house,” Jacob said. “The houses are getting taller and we’ve dropped the backyard. So I realized that sunlight comes from the right side of the property.”

“So together, we designed this,” Jill said.

She looked at the screen and clicked. A three story extension to match the house pressed up against the boundary of the property. It was not very wide, but it fit the 1900s feel of the original house.

“We put the recording studio on the floor so that there’s a straight wall along the garden,” Jacob said. “There is a nice apartment on the second floor and another on the top. There’s space in each to hang around and get inspired. They are narrow.”

“They look like storage containers,” Jeraine said.

“They’re a little narrower than that,” Jacob said with a nod. “But! Jill has made them beautiful.”

“These apartments will be gorgeous,” Jill said. “Two bedroom. Modern elegance, but warm and comfortable. They will be beautiful places to hang out.”

“If you decided you don’t want people to stay here, you can always rent them out,” Jacob said.

“Will they be able to see into the house?” Nelson asked. “The backyard?”

“No,” Jill said. “There are lots of windows but they won’t have a view of the backyard or into the house.”

“Why would my clients ‘lure at children’?” Jeraine asked.

“Because they’re music people?” Tanesha asked. “Drugs, drinking. Seems like a no brainer.”

“We can insist that people are sober here,” Jeraine said.

“You won’t get a lot of clients,” Tanesha said.

“Good question,” Jeraine said with a thoughtful nod. “Good question.”

“What do you think?” Jacob asked.

“I like it,” Jeraine said. “Looks great.

“What about me?” Tanesha asked.

“Because your needs are a little different,” Jacob said, “we wanted to give you a few options. The first is one of these apartments off the recording studio. This would give you quiet for studying and a lot of space for when Jeraine is here.”

“I like being with everyone,” Tanesha said.

“We can either put a bedroom for you in the basement,” Jacob said. “Or give you a space with the other adult bedrooms.”

Tanesha shook her head.

“I want to stay out of that mess,” Tanesha said with a laugh.

“We can put you in the attic,” Jacob said.

“With the kids?” Tanesha asked shaking her head. “I’d worry all the time about waking them up. Especially when I study all night or…”

Tanesha looked at Jeraine.

“She thinks that I am loud,” Jeraine said. “I’m quiet as a mouse!”

Everyone laughed.

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