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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-nine: A new home (part five)


(part five)

“I just wanted to check in with you,” Heather said to Nelson.

Blane came up behind Heather. He looked at Heather, and they nodded.

“What can I do for you?” Nelson said, a little too formally.

“We wanted to talk to you about your father,” Heather said.

“My… what?” Nelson asked, clearly irritated. “What does he have to do with anything?”

“That’s some of our question,” Blane said.

There was a noise in the hallway and they all turned to look. A yellow tennis ball bounced down the stairwell. Buster and Sarah raced after the tennis ball. Buster pulled up at the last moment to let Sarah grab the ball. They raced off up the stairwell.

When they turned back to each other, Nelson looked down at the ground.

“I can’t really talk about this,” Nelson said.

“Here’s the thing,” Heather said, “Jill and I went to see your father.”

“You what?” Nelson asked, his voice rose with indignation.

“He’s not himself,” Heather said.

Nelson looked at Heather for a long moment before he blinked. His indignation evaporated and he looked confused.

“What?” Nelson asked.

“Your father is not himself,” Heather said. “It was my opinion that he was under the influence of a substance or possibly an object.”

“What?” Nelson repeated.

Nelson was so confused that Blane put his hand on Nelson’s arm.

“Why don’t we find a place to sit down?” Blane asked. “Our apartment is over there.”

Nelson gave Blane a nod. They walked to the apartment. Nelson sat down on the couch. Blane took a chair from the table and set it near the couch. Heather stayed standing.

“You can sit down,” Nelson said.

“I wanted to show you,” Heather said.

“Show me?” Nelson asked.

“I wanted to show you what I see when I look at your father,” Heather said. “It doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve showed a few individuals and they don’t have any idea either.”

“Who did you show it to?” Nelson asked.

“My friend Hecate,” Heather said. “My grandfather, Perses, Hera, my grandmother.”

Nelson nodded.

“My grandmother was birthed from the sea,” Heather said. “She can be brutal, but she knows a hell of a lot about of hell of a lot. She is also immensely powerful and knows about powerful objects.”

“No question,” Nelson said. “I’m not doubting, I just… I guess is never occurred to me that the problem with my father wasn’t me.”

“It’s not,” Blane said.

Nelson’s head jerked to look at Blane, who gave Nelson an affirming nod. Nelson fell forward so that his elbows hit his knees. He looked up at Heather.

“You’re sure?” Nelson asked.

“I am,” Heather said. “Let me show you.”

Heather held her hands together for a moment before pulling them apart. An image appeared when her hands were nearly a foot apart.

“You can see your father’s physical outline,” Heather said. “And his energetic outline.”

Heather pointed to a five inch radius of energy that exists around all people.

“Now…” Heather pointed to an odd darkness around Pierre’s head and what looked like a dark hand over his heart.

“What’s that?” Nelson asked.

“We’re not sure,” Heather said.

“How do we find out?” Nelson asked.

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