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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-four : Friend in need (part three)


(part three)

“What is Pilates?” Hecate asked.

Sandy could only smile.

“You never know,” Hecate said. “I didn’t wish to interfere. But it seems as if you could use my assistance.”

“If you could help me back to bed,” Sandy said. “That would be…”

“What about seeing this thing you so long to see?” Hecate cut Sandy off.

“Wasn’t meant to be,” Sandy said with a sigh.

“Meant to be?” Hecate laughed. “My sister must be a wonderful person to have you as a friend.”

“She is,” Sandy said with a smile. Sandy groan with pain. “I’m sorry. The pain is…”

Hecate’s hand touched Sandy’s hair. The pain seeped out of Sandy so easily and completely that Sandy couldn’t help but weep. Hecate rubbed Sandy’s back while she cried.

“You have been in pain a long time,” Hecate said.

“I fell down the stairs,” Sandy said. “I should have died but Abi brought me back. Sometimes…”

“Yes, I understand,” Hecate said, cutting Sandy off.

Hecate laid face down on the floor so that her head was right next to Sandy.

“What would you like to do?” Hecate asked.

“How long will I be out of pain?” Sandy asked.

“Oh,” Hecate said. “I wish I could take it all away but you’d hurt yourself.”

Sandy sighed. Hecate rubbed her back.

“I can help you see this thing that you wish to see,” Hecate said.

“Why did you come here?” Sandy asked.

“My mother called to me,” Hecate said.

“There’s supposed to be protections on the house,” Sandy said.

“Oh,” Hecate smiled. “You can’t keep me out. The fairies can’t get in, if that’s what you’re concerned about. This home is fairy-proof.”

Sorrow and helplessness overwhelmed Sandy and she began to cry in earnest.

“Now, now,” Hecate said softly. “Let’s get you up.”

“How?” Sandy asked.

“Lean on me,” Hecate said.

Not sure what that mean, Sandy did her best to lean on Hecate. The Titan seemed to surround Sandy. She leaned against the strength and she was standing. The next moment, she was walking.

“Oh, I see,” Hecate said.

“What?” Sandy asked.

“You are still healing,” Hecate said, vaguely. “How about this?”

A wheelchair appeared. Hecate helped Sandy sit down in it.

“I hate this thing,” Sandy said.

“That’s because you believe it’s better to walk,” Hecate said.

“Isn’t it?” Sandy asked.

“I will tell you that rulers of old were carried like this,” Hecate said. “Used to be thought that a rulers feet should never have to touch the ground.”

“Really?” Sandy asked. “Why?”

“Who knows?” Hecate grinned. “I think that you are very regal sitting there.”

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