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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-four : Friend in need (part six)


(part six)

Friday afternoon — 2:22 p.m.

Colin pulled the fish out of the river. Paddie and Katy cheered wildly from the bank. Laughing, Colin gave a bow. Julie and Jill were sitting on a blanket with Conner. An open picnic basket sat behind them. Tanner and Bladen were by the edge of the river playing with child’s fishing poles with Jacob.

The day was warm and beautiful. The light glistened off the river.

“Put it in again!” Jacob said.

Colin took the hook out of the fish’s mouth and he let it go. The fish swam away.

“Bye bye fishy!” Katy said.

This was a Gold Medal Water which meant it was catch and release. Colin cast his line into the river again.

For all of the tension and strife of the last few days, today was absolutely perfect. When Colin looked up again, Paddie was holding the Sword of Truth and Katy was holding the Vanquisher. The blades were pointed up in the air.

“Catch some fish!” Katy and Paddie said in unison before they squealed with laughter.

Colin couldn’t help but laugh.

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