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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-five : The Loot (part two)


(part two)

“Perses,” Hecate said.

In a breath, Perses appeared in front of them. Hecate lowered her head in a kind of bow.

“None of that,” Perses said. He hugged his daughter tight. “In this modern time, we bow to no one.”

“Sir,” Hecate said.

Perses kissed his daughter’s cheek. Cleo the cat jumped into his arms. He greeted the cat with great affection. After a few cuddles, Cleo climbed up onto his shoulder where she perched for the rest of the night.

“What can I do for you?” Perses asked.

“We have some swords to look at,” Hecate said. “I thought you might help us determine what they are.”

“Why isn’t Ares here?” Perses asked, looking around. “He knows every sword. He’s also your grandfather. If he’s not invited, I will never hear the end of it.”

“He’s working with Edie and the fairies,” Heather said.

“Ah, so I am second string,” Perses said. “Well, I’m… surprised to find that I’m not offended.”

Perses laughed as if it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. The women grinned at him.

“Are we looking at the hoard from this salt mine?” Perses asked.

“Only part of it,” Tanesha said. “Some of it has to be climate controlled. This can withstand the atmosphere.”

“Where’s the rest of it?” Perses asked.

“It’s being held in New York,” Sandy said. “Seth is trying to figure out what to do with it.”

“You were able to get everything from the mine,” Perses asked.

Tanesha, Heather, and Sandy nodded.

“That is good luck,” Perses said.

“It was Nadia,” Sandy said. “Her people went to work cataloging and moving what could be moved. It was amazing. They were amazing. They happily worked 24 hour shifts to get things crated and moved before the Polish authorities realized anything was leaving the country. Just amazing.”

“This government — they didn’t become violent?” Perses asked.

“They threatened to sue,” Sandy said. “But we said that we would include them in giving the art back to its original owners. That seemed to appease them.”

“How much goes back?” Perses asked.

“Little more than half,” Sandy said. “We’re talking about giving the rest to museums for study.”

“You won’t keep any?” Perses asked.

“I… I’m not sure,” Sandy said. “Seth has a painting that he wants. And a piano, of course. I…”

Sandy shrugged.

“I’ll be happy giving people a chance to see all of it,” Sandy said.

“The Denver Art Museum has agreed to create a show out of everything, including the art that’s going back to people,” Tanesha said.

“We have agreement from almost every family,” Sandy said. “We just have a few and Seth’s meeting with them this week. So the world will have a chance to see it all.”

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