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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-five : The Loot (part six)


(part six)

“Change how?” Perses asked.

“His family has always been the weapons masters for the Templars and others,” Heather said. “When Nelson was growing up…”

“You’ve met Nelson?” Tanesha asked Hecate.

She nodded as did her father.

“… Pierre had believed that the Templars time had passed,” Heather said. “Because of this, he was ostracized by his siblings and had to go into hiding from his in-laws.”

“His in-laws wanted Nelson, too,” Tanesha said. “Tried to steal him.”

The women nodded.

“Pierre is now the head of the order,” Hecate said. “Isn’t that correct?”

“He is,” Heather said. “Pierre has been fighting with the few remaining members. He said all along that he wanted to close the order, give the land to the government, and any relics to the museum for study. After his trip to Poland, he’s saying that Nelson must give up his life and take the helm of the order. I went to talk with Pierre and…”

Heather shrugged.

“He looked like he had a bad headache,” Heather said. “He most certainly wasn’t the man I met less than a year ago.”

Heather nodded toward the crate.

“What’s in that box?” Heather asked.

“Nothing good,” Perses said. “In fact, I will not open it. We need to get Abi here.”

“Why?” Heather asked while Hecate said, “What?”

“There is an item in this crate that was supposedly destroyed,” Perses said. “Smelted down.”

Perses nodded as if he was saying something significant.

“What are you telling us?” Heather said.

“The last I heard, this item was in the possession of the Nazis,” Perses said. “Part of their bid to control the supernatural and win the war.”

“They wanted to find and control us,” Hecate said, gesturing to herself, her father, and Cleo.

Perses nodded.

“How did it get mixed in with this collection?” Sandy asked.

“That’s a very good question,” Perses said.

“Who could answer that question?” Tanesha asked.

“The one it was created to kill,” Perses said.

“If it’s what I think it is, you mean Apollo,” Hecate said.

Perses nodded.

“My father,” Perses said. “It was created to kill my father and mother, but it was used to wound Apollo and his sister.”

Cleo the Cat meowed. Perses looked at Heather.

“What did she say?” Perses asked.

“She says that it killed her mother,” Heather said.

“Your mother isn’t Abi?” Tanesha asked. “Father isn’t Gilfand?”

Perses shook his head.

“There’s nothing literal about the designation of what we are,” Hecate said. “His father was killed by Zeus. Mother, too.”

“Wounded so deeply that they may as well be dead,” Perses said.

“Yes, Papa,” Hecate said.

“Using this thing?” Sandy asked.

“Yes,” Perses said.

“And the Nazi’s owned it, but it somehow made its way into the mine?” Sandy asked.

“It seems to have,” Perses said. He looked around. “It makes me wonder…”

“What else is here?” Sandy asked, her voice laced with horror.

“A good question, my dear,” Hecate said.

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