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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-five : The Loot (part one)


(part one)

Friday night — 11:12 p.m.

“Colin wanted to take the sword away from Paddie,” Tanesha whispered to Heather as they crept into Seth O’Malley’s house.

“I’d like to see him try,” Heather said.

“Exactly,” Tanesha said. “Jill said it was a big mess, but that Colin finally settled down. Today, Colin practiced some martial arts with Paddie and Katy and their swords.”

In an attempt to be quiet, Heather didn’t respond. They slipped off their shoes.

“So Katy really has the Vanquisher?” Heather asked in a low tone.

Tanesha nodded. Heather raised her eyebrows. Tanesha pointed the way around the kitchen and the part of the den where the teenagers were sleeping. They crept past the dining room and went to the hall near the “healing room.” The door to Sandy’s room was slightly ajar. Heather followed Tanesha inside. Heather closed the door behind them.

Sandy waved to her friends. She pointed to where Rachel Ann was sleeping.

“Can you…?” Sandy asked Heather.

Heather created a bubble around the child so that she would feel enclosed in love, and also unable to hear anything. Sandy grinned.

“Did you talk to Jill?” Tanesha asked in a low voice.

Sandy nodded.

“The stuff with the kids sounded really hard,” Sandy said. “Jill said she was sure that Colin was going to take Paddie and Katy would never see him again.”

“So hard,” Tanesha said with a nod.

“Where is…?” Heather started.

Hecate appeared next to Sandy’s bed.

“Sorry,” Hecate said. “He wanted to talk and talk and talk.”

“Ganny?” Tanesha asked.

“He’s a wonderful man,” Hecate said. “But he likes to talk in bed.”

Hecate shrugged.

“I’d rather…” Hecate sighed. “Well, you know. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a human male companion that I feel a great need which he usually obliges. But not until after a long chat.”

The women grinned at her.

“I am here now,” Hecate said. She grinned at Heather. “Hedone, do tell Sandy how powerful I am. I am afraid that she isn’t sure.”

“She’s sure that you’re powerful,” Tanesha said with a laugh. “She just doesn’t care.”

“There’s the truth,” Sandy said with a laugh.

Heather approached Hecate. She put her hands on Hecate’s shoulders.

“You can just be you,” Heather said before hugging and kissing her friend.

“Well, okay,” Hecate said with a grin. “I will give it a try.”

The women grinned at Hecate. Embarrassed, the Titan looked away.

“Why are you here tonight?” Hecate asked.

“Since going to Poland, Pierre has been acting weird,” Heather said. “His weirdness has spilled over Nelson. Now, Nelson is more brooding than normal. I thought we’d take a look at the swords and maybe take some pictures of the swords in case they are affecting Pierre.”

“My father knows swords,” Hecate said.

“Yes, but…” Tanesha started.

“Perses,” Hecate said.

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