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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-five : The Loot (part four)


(part four)

The woman cheered and Perses laughed. Hecate’s cheeks flushed as if she were embarrassed. Smiling, she looked down.

“What’s in that crate?” Hecate asked.

“Two things that should never be put together,” Perses said.

Everyone gathered around as Perses pulled two swords out of the crate. Holding one in each hand, he moved them together and sparks began to fly.

“You’re sure Pierre packed these crates?” Perses asked.

Sandy nodded.

“We watched him do it on video,” Tanesha said.

“He should know better,” Perses said.

“What’s the story with those swords?” Sandy asked.

“You’ve heard of the Trojan War?” Perses asked. Hecate groaned, and the women nodded. “Artifact one — this is Paris’s sword. He used it to steal Helen and decimate all in his path. It’s incredibly powerful, but you can see it’s plain. No detailing. No precious stones or scroll work. This is a warrior’s blade.”

“That sword Katy has is much more beautiful than this one,” Tanesha said with a nod.

“The Vanquisher?” Perses asked. He and Hecate nodded. “Now, Artifact two…”

“That looks much fancier,” Sandy said.

“It is ornate,” Perses said. “A real King’s sword.”

“That’s Menelaus’s sword?” Tanesha askd.

Nodding, Perses laughed.

“They say it’s a story about a woman,” Perses said. “But watch…”

He held the swords together. They sparked and fizzled. Heat radiated from them.

“I am diffusing the power to keep it from exploding,” Perses said. “And still…”

An arc of electricity sparked between the blades.

“Why is that?” Sandy asked.

“It’s hard to know,” Perses said. “Maybe that Templar knows. I will tell you this — neither man knew that his sword was behind the war. Each believed that the other had aggrieved them. They were responding in kind. They died in ignorance. Even historians had no idea.”

“You think someone set it up?” Tanesha asked.

“Someone made the swords, gave one to each man, and slipped back into the shadows,” Hecate said with a nod.

Perses shrugged.

“What I think is that we should be very careful with all of these objects,” Perses said. “We aren’t certain who made them or for what purpose.”

“Or how they got into this hoard,” Heather said.

The women nodded.

“I will say that if this Templar is who you say he is, he must have been quite bamboozled to pack these two together,” Hecate said, taking Paris’s long blade from her father. She looked at the sword for a long moment. “What’s in the other crate?”

“Any ideas?” Perses asked.

Sandy rolled over to where the copy of the ledger of items was stored. She flipped through the list until she got to the page about swords. She looked around the space.

“There’s another crate of swords,” Sandy said.

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