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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety : Far from home (part three)


(part three)

Thursday early-morning — 5:37 a.m.

“The Vanquisher?” Heather asked. “You’re sure that’s what she said?”

Jill nodded. They were sitting on Katy’s empty bed.

“Do you know it?” Jill asked.

“No, but that doesn’t mean anything,” Heather said. “I can never keep that kind of thing straight. Did you ask your Dad?”

“No,” Jill said and gave an emphatic shake of his head. “He wants to kill the entire tribe, down to the last fairy. I guess Áthas gave up the location of Asteria. You know, Cleo the cat? Hecate’s mother? His first wife?”

“She did,” Heather said.

“He wants revenge,” Jill said. “This would just send him over the edge. Can you ask your grandfather?”

“Ares is working with Edie,” Heather said. “He can’t help with this kind of thing.”

Heather nodded and looked at Jill.

“Let’s call Nelson,” Heather said. “He’s been so weird since his dad called from Poland. Maybe this will give us a clue as to what’s going on.”

Heather took out her cell phone and placed the call. Tanesha showed up while the phone was dialing. Jill told Tanesha what was going on. Tanesha’s anger increased with every word.

“Fairies,” Tanesha said, with disgust.

“Nelson?” Heather asked. “Sorry to call so early.”

“I was up,” Nelson said. “Just finished working out. Is something wrong? Blane? The kids?”

“We’re okay,” Heather said. “I’m calling about Katy. I’m in Katy’s room with Jill and Tanesha. You’re on speaker phone.”

“Did those fairies come after Katy now?” Nelson asked. He covered the mouthpiece and repeated his words.

“Who’s there?” Heather asked.

“Mari,” Nelson said. “The fairies came for me too.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Heather said.

“I’m not,” Nelson said. “It would never have happened if I wasn’t in this family.”

“That’s the truth,” Heather said.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to keep moving,” Nelson said. “Ava expects us to be at a meeting by 8, breakfast in …” He paused. “Well, now. I had to work out so.”

“Okay, then I’ll get to the point,” Heather said.

“Please do,” Nelson said.

“Katy seems to be caught in a time loop,” Heather said. “She thinks that they are trying to get the Sword of Truth.”

“Of course,” Nelson said. “I should have thought of it before.”

“Thought of what?” Heather asked.

“If they can get the Sword of Truth before it links to Paddie, then it’s possible that they could win the war,” Nelson said.

“But that’s not true,” Mari said in the background.

“It’s not true,” Heather said. “The sword chooses who it will go with. It waited for Paddie Hargreaves for more than a thousand years.”

“They either don’t know that or they think that they can get it from him because he’s human,” Nelson said. “That’s crazy too.”

“Why?” Heather asked.

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