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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety : Far from home (part one)


(part one)

Katy arrived back in the crypt.

This time she was face to face with a fairy warrior. Katy took a step back. She opened her hand and her new knife appeared in her hand.

“Leave me alone!” Katy said.

Katy’s words echoed through the crypt. The Vanquisher, her new “sword”, appeared in her hand. Katy pointed it at the fairy.

“Be gone,” Katy said.

The fairy warrior gave a squeak of fear before disintegrating with a “pop.” Katy stood there for a moment, waiting for the fairy to return.

Nothing happened.

“Paddie?” Kay called. “Keenan?”

Her voice echoed through the crypt. She was about to call again when …

Holding her phone, Jill came into Katy’s room to wake her. Katy had only been in a light sleep, after a few times of living through this, Katy forced herself awake.

“Mommy,” Katy sat up in bed. Shocked, Jill stopped talking on the phone and gawked at her. “I’m caught in a time loop. The fairies are trying to get the Sword of Truth. I have a new sword called the Vanquisher.”

Katy was standing in the middle of the crypt.


“Paddie?” Katy’s voice squeaked. “Keenan?”

A skeleton stood in the middle of the crypt. Katy remembered that Edie had told her that they’d buried a few fairies in this crypt to trick Maughold, when Maughold was a bitter, angry, old man.

“What do you want?” Katy yelled at the skeleton.

The skeleton raised its hand and pointed to Katy’s sword. Terrified, Katy turned in place and ran through the dark cavern a long away from home, under an ancient church on the Isle of Man.

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